USC Doesn’t Play And Moves Up Two Spots

USC moved up two spots to No. 17 in the Associated Press Top 25 poll.

That is the Trojans’ biggest jump since the Pac-12 season started.

See what happens when you don’t actually have to watch the Trojans play.

  • USC opens as a 12.5-point favorite over Washington State according to BetOnline.

24 thoughts on “USC Doesn’t Play And Moves Up Two Spots

  1. With the shortened season and games getting cancelled, the poll should limit the list to ten teams or twelve.

    No reason to have a Top 25 when there are large inconsistencies in scheduling and overall body of work this year.


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      1. 67 — Ha! [Wouldn’t it be grand if Carol DID run out on the field (in one of her cute little cowgirl outfits) to enforce curfew with a quarter of football left]?

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    1. USC deserves to move up every time a team ahead of them gets sick…

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  2. Does anyone on this blog actually think USC is #17 based on their 3 game performance? The first two games were clunkers and the third OK. This season has reduced the polls to throwing darts outside the top 5 teams. Outside the SEC no team has played a full schedule and teams have had players and coaches missing due to COVID. There is no way to measure performance accurately with byes, cancellations, and postponements. Instead of limping along on one leg, college football should punt until 2021. The $ has already been lost and won’t be recovered in the next couple of weeks. Shut it down and get ready for 2021 and keep folks healthy.


      1. Sorry, RT had just read the post to me and posted it. I was dumbfounded when it didn’t show up. How could all that typing disappear? But he wants to be able to like posts and you have to have an account to do that.

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      2. Thanks for the important update Trojandude. Looks like its time we all chip in and help Rialto realize his dream.


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