Does Graham Harrell Want Utah State Job?

Twitter seems to be pushing Graham Harrell for the Utah State job.

Is it true?

I don’t know but I’m all for him going there.

26 thoughts on “Does Graham Harrell Want Utah State Job?

  1. Looking on the 24/7 list of candidates, you see Mark Helfrich (former HC Oregon) and also the Buffalo St. HC, who has been a big winner there. I can’t imagine why Utah St would pass on either of these guys; maybe they weren’t interested. I still can’t see Harrell as Utah St HC unless he really wants to get away from Clay. Being USC OC is more prominent and an easier move up the coaching ranks than being the Utah State HC.

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  2. Go Dog Go! I think he would really prosper at Utah St.

    I believe Clay has been told by MB that “this is your last year”. So it’s gonna be every man for himself. Despite ridiculous notions by some, a guy like Harrell is far less qualified to be SC head coach than the last 3 guys.

    Let’s see if we can get a demonstrated big college winner in here and turn this thing around. Won’t take long.

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    1. Clay Helton: “I doubt any coach in the country has a better relationship with the president of their university than I do….”

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    2. Scott —President Folt has read your post and has this to say….

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      1. I’m shocked, simply shocked!

        Sadly, I think he may get another year simply because $buyout. So so so sad.

        Thanks for the response, good to onow I’m held in such low regard by ms. Burnett…

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  3. It wasn’t that long ago that people were blaming the players for the lack of discipline, but those days are long gone. I am betting that Helton may be getting lambasted during an exit interview with his assistants who jump ship.
    He’s too nice and probably should be working the ice cream counter at Knott’s Berry Farm. The players love him the way they love their teachers who give them an A for showing up. The only thing is, he isn’t surrounded by people who don’t know how to coach. Someone is Giotto spill the beans on his sanction mentality and if enough people hear it, he’s gone.

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      1. I like the way you guys are deliberately misspelling “Achilles”….he so deserves it…

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  4. It’s a good career move for Harrell. The longer he stays at SC, the more he’ll be smeared with Helton. When Helton is fired, SC should not make the same mistake of bring up one of the assistant coaches to head coach, Of course with SC, making the worst possible pick could happen.

    If Harrell hits the escape hatch, does this make it more likely that Helton will be replaced? Or will Dolt and Boner continue to protect the worst coach in the Pac12?? I’m no longer wanting a great coach, just not an incompetent coach….

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  5. Would not be surprised if your statement appears verbatim in the Times Job Classifieds.

    That’s how we will find our new guy, right? Either that or hire the next SC retread, as YeaTeam indicates above.

    Although, although……even though she expectorates in my general direction I give Ms. Carol some credit. She did not follow the moronic pattern and hire Keyshawn (or any other zero experience Trojan All-American) as new AD.

    Jury’s still out on Bohn, but pretty sure he tried to get Urban/Fickell/somebody/anybody after last year but shot down because $buyout CCH.

    Thanks again Lynn. Seriously, let’s extend a mediocre HC For 3 yrs./$15m that NOBODY else in the country wanted. Brilliant.


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