USC Still Not Using Its Tight Ends

When USC hired John David Baker as tight ends coach, he talked about how he wanted the tight ends on the field more this season.

“That’s what we’d like to do, we’d like to stay in 11 personnel as much as possible,” Baker said.

Graham Harrell also talked about throwing more to the tight ends and got the media to buy into it like in this excerpt:

“And in the second year of the Air Raid at UNT, Harrell implemented more two-running back sets and utilized his tight ends more. He is doing the same thing at USC, taking advantage of the Trojans’ deep stable of running backs who can catch the ball – like Stephen Carr and Vavae Malepeai – while giving his tight ends more looks, too.”

So how is that working out?

The tight ends have caught six passes in four games. Six passes.

Some apologist will mention that Drake London can line up like a tight end but the coaches were specifically referring to the conventional tight ends and Baker doesn’t coach London.

Someone will say Jude Wolfe hurt his foot vs. Washington State but he caught only two passes in three-plus games.

By the way, how many two-back sets has USC run?

27 thoughts on “USC Still Not Using Its Tight Ends

    1. I believe you are right, and Helton thinks a tight end is a receiver who hits the bottle. That’s why he won’t talk about them, he hates negativity. I am pretty sure they bring in tight ends for short yardage situations but always run up the middle, a mistake that solidifies your assertion.

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      1. Mike whats up brother!

        Long time no see for me I guess.
        I thought this place was done?
        Anyways what happened with Palaie? Was that a long time coming or something that just came about?

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      2. Sam — I think Pudly nailed it on the Gaoteote situation — he realized he was probably not gonna be able to win his starting spot back.
        Stick around –this week should be filled with Wolfian Wisdom —[and, hopefully, no surprises on Saturday]!

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    2. If you think about it Lane Kiffin got the last laugh with USC by bringing Kiffin to Los Angeles instead of uhh….i don’t know someone else just not Clay Helton.
      Now we’re in some other dimension where we win but if feels like we lose.

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  1. Notice Helton was not interviewed for the story. Maybe he is social-distanced from the offense and therefore has no role?

    The game against Wazzu is not the game I would pick to complain about failing to pass to the TEs. I’m all for using all the eligible receivers, but SC is not the only one who doesn’t throw much to the TE. The Vikings didn’t throw once to their TE on Sunday.

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      1. Hey my man!
        Didn’t this site stop and Wolf get traded or sign a big contract with SI? I thought this place ended because he had his blog shift to SportsIllustrated? Did he pull a Billy Martin by angering his superior (George Steinbrenner) and get escorted to the parking lot? That reminds me of Petros and his PA Job at Galen Center haaaa!
        Also Palai Gaoteote. What’s the scoop on that?

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      2. Sam, Wolf did sign on with SI. But that site suc*ed. A few of us went rogue and kept the old site going, under the radar. Long story short, the SI site wasn’t worthy of Scottie’s talents, so he came back home. Good to have you back!

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      3. Sam! So glad to have you back!
        Stick around, okay? The rest of the season should be fun….

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    1. Cal75,
      I heard a variation of this in Catholic Grammar School —but the punchline was “ha ha, you ate the pickle….”

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      1. Michael, I usually don’t lose it that way, as in calling Larry Scott “an overpaid JC drop-out flunkie”. I gotta say, I feel a bit better about life after that.

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