USC-UCLA Live Blog

See what happens when USC plays an average team. It all becomes a huge challenge just to play. UCLA up, 21-10.

USC defense confused subbing and lining and no one covers the tailback, who scores on TD pass.

Isaiah Pola-Moa interception but a bad penalty by Tyler Vaughns and sack push USC back and Trojans forced to settle for FG.

UCLA cannot tackle and just like that, a 65-yard TD for Drake London. UCLA 14, USC 7.

So far, this is an outhouse performance: Outplayed, outcoached, outtackled, outschemed

USC safeties with poor tackling on both TDs

Wow, USC defense can’t stop the run and can’t stop showboating.

Kedon Slovis takes a bad sack and Parker Lewis isn’t close on field goal.

End of first quarter: UCLA 7, USC 0.

USC defense is disorganized and can’t even line up in time. Maybe because Talanoa Hufanga was messing around at end of previous play.

USC cannot run in short-yardage situations.

A burned timeout for too many men on the field on punt return. Typical.

The new, improved Kedon Slovis with a bad interception.

  • If you listened to the podcast earlier this week, you know who I picked to win the USC-UCLA game.

If you didn’t listen, I will make my pick here: I think USC is the superior team and should win the game. I think UCLA is an average team.

But I think an average team can beat USC. And I think it would just like Clay Helton to lose right before going to the Pac-12 title game. So I’m picking UCLA, 34-31.

P.S. — I also could not live with myself if I picked USC and UCLA actually won, so that’s another reason to pick the Bruins.

77 thoughts on “USC-UCLA Live Blog

    1. I want to apologize to Helton and Slovis. And even Drevno. And Harrell. And Folt—-okay not Folt. But, fuck, what a great WIN!


  1. I’m sorry if I’m not enthusiastic or somewhat harsh. If that spineless pile doesn’t spend the next 30 minutes chewing out those asshats in the locker room for that classless display after the game, he has no business coaching any sport on any level. I’m sorry there is no discipline or class left in this program. They should be embarrassed on so many levels. The Bruins just did everything possible to give them this game, they should just keep their mouths shut and be thankful. We all know this is facade of a team. Lots of talent, no discipline little technique, zero scheme. Now no class either.


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