Jake Garcia Update

I’m hearing former USC QB Jake Garcia is now down to Miami, Tennessee and Ohio State.

Meanwhile here is what defensive lineman Korey Foreman tweeted this afternoon.


14 thoughts on “Jake Garcia Update

  1. Jake Garcia isn’t the golden hair beach boy type USC loves as their QB.

    Garcia better off elsewhere as USC has a shit coaching staff and racist low life trumplican fan base.

    Only reason Sanchez started was because they had no one else.


      1. Just a note, I am a left leaning liberal who thinks that Garcia would play at USC if he is better than the competition. Should he is not be the best, he will be a backup for that reason, not because his last name is Garcia. Garcia and his father have chosen to take his talents elsewhere. I’ve had my fill of politics this year, let’s not bring it into something as non life affecting as the possible QB competition for the USC Trojans.

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    1. Um, Rodney Peete, Vince Evans, and Jimmy Jones didn’t fit that profile either. Are some kind of Woke idiot that uses racism anytime and everywhere to show a point. You are essentially displaying your IQ, which is probably two points above plant life


      1. All the intelligent people who spend a bit of their precious time on this site skip right over TebowObama’s posts. They are beneath worthless.

        That said, YOUR post was appreciated and well intentioned. Hope you drop more wisdom on us in the future.

        I think fungi–i.e., mushrooms, etc–are below plants as far as intelligence.
        Most of us put TebowObama in the mushroom category.


  2. For what it is worth, Rivals has USC at 67% for Korey, and 24/7 has USC at 59%. Fingers crossed, that would give USC a pass rush of the Drake, Korey, and the ‘Bama 4 star transfer for next year.

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  3. Will Kory be able to control his decision on his announcing? What happens if he slips and tells one person? Does that person tell everyone? Like the old adage says, Loose lips sinks ships.


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