USC Signing Day Podcast

OK, it’s time to talk recruiting. And USC-UCLA. And USC-Oregon. And the TV announcers. And the refs. And whatever else comes up.

24 thoughts on “USC Signing Day Podcast

    1. Scott is calmer and smoother than ever….Aram is tending into “Fuck You” territory…..

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      1. Yes, 67 —‘Ghost town’ is the perfect description of the Sports Illustrated ‘experience’ —starting with the bad feeling you got when you visited it’s eerie, empty pages…. the odor of death filling your nostrils, images of wraiths materializing before your eyes…. aahhhhh…

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    2. Truman
      10h ago
      I know this site has a moderator because I know posts disappear. Sadly in a day or so the important points of the post show up as new ideas from Scot (spelled wrong to avoid moderator interference) however you can see that the trojandude207 post is authentic. Each email generates a new avitar. Look at ‘Fuck You’ posts. At 2:24 am (post time) she has a golden avitar. At 3:35 am she has a lavender avatar. Finally at 3:58 am she has a red avitar. That’s 3 email addresses for one name. Can I get a troll call operator?

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  1. I doubt we hear a word of this from Scottie: Todd Orlando is on the list for the Broyles Award, given to the nation’s top assistant coach. And Sark is on there as well…

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      1. To quote Owns, I’d take a 1 point victory…
        [Special Note: Owns didn’t WISH for a 1 point victory —he predicted it. I love the guy but he never gets tired of being wrong]…..

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      1. Hate it when that happens. I always want to blame it on Scott –[but I bet it’s probably my fault for not being careful which “reply” I hit]…..

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    1. I wish I heard that one when I was still a box boy—- I’d definitely get the manager to ask for that name “to come to front desk please.”

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