Clay Helton Blew An Easy Chance For Perfect Season

What’s really awful is after USC does all the wrong things you get to see on a weekly basis, Clay Helton says this:

“We’re judged on championships here, that’s the beauty of this place … the fact of the matter is, we’re really close.”

That’s the smokescreen Helton always creates. USC is always “close” to doing something but never does.

History is going to be harsh on him in 2020: USC had one of the nation’s easiest schedules, didn’t leave Southern California in December and got to host the Pac-12 title game.

And still turned in an awful performance. This year was tailor-made for an undefeated season and easy top 10 finish.

I had USC coaches telling me in October they thought the Trojans would go 6-0.

Instead, three games that were near-losses (Arizona State, Arizona, UCLA) and a disastrous effort against Oregon.

Now let’s wait for the number of players who decide not to return next season.

47 thoughts on “Clay Helton Blew An Easy Chance For Perfect Season

  1. Some will leave to go to NFL- Marlon, Hufunga, pola Mao, ARSB, AVT. Others will transfer, but that’s not our issue.

    We are all hoping for the same thing. I’ll even take a fake Adam Maya column. That at least gave us some hope for a little bit.

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  2. From Clay Helton one year ago after losing 49-25 after Iowa:

    “I think this team can be really special. I’ve been a part here for 10 years and felt some teams that are right on the cusp of being great. I think this is one of them.”

    How does the guy look at himself in the mirror each morning?


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    1. If only hashtags could come true, 67…
      In answer to your question: There is no reflection when Helton looks in the mirror.

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  3. Refreshing to watch a good CFB game coached by 2 quality head coaches in Ohio St vs Northwestern. When will this nightmare of USC football era going to come to an end? We already knew that Helton is incompetent but now it also obvious that all the other assistant coaches are incompetent including Harrell and Orlando. Who is going to bring back USC’s football program to be a national championship contender?

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  4. ***USC- ONLY 38 rushing yards

    ***Oregon- only had 91 yards passing

    ***USC’s # of passing plays….52
    ***USC’s # of run plays….29

    ***Oregon’s stud who Clay Helton decided to stop recruiting K. Thibodaux dominated USC and Alijah Vera Tucker is now on someone’s highlight tape

    #Helton Is Bad Luck
    #Helton Must Quit
    #Pleeeeeez Fire Helton

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  5. Also…..


    Was it this bad when Ted Tollner was the head coach? I was too young but I imagine even those days and the Paul Hackett (I remember) were better than the “Clay Helton Nightmare”.

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    1. Like Hackett and Tollner, Helton is nice but weird. I tossed the football around with Hackett’s son and some recruits before a Cal game –and he too was nice but weird. You could see the recruits didn’t like him or wanna be around him. Great coaches can be assholes… but they’re REAL. They don’t say stuff like “neck hug” or “Coach Folt” or “if you’re juiceless, you’re useless.”

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      1. Very cool Mike!
        And I agree with you.
        Heltons personality will never get the respect of great players/recruits.
        Folt and Bohn are blind and their job titles should require them to easily recognize that the great athletes want to play for great coaches. SC’s pipelines have disappeared over night with Clemson, LSU and Alabama signing players from Los Angeles without having to battle it out with USC for commitments because those coaches are straight to the point.
        Football is 1st and reaching a championship level should be what a Coaches philosophy puts out to the players around him.

        “Coach Folt”
        Really Clay? 😂

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    2. I wouldn’t be too harsh on Orlando. His defense had to defend short fields due to Offensive turnovers (2 interceptions and a failed 4th and inches from the shotgun). Considering that, the defense didn’t allow too many points. Grade C

      I would be extremely hard on Opie Harrell. Never tried to establish the run. Too many pass attempts. Drevno’s O-line cannot run block and after what Thibodeaux did to them, apparently they cannot pass block either. Grade F

      After this display, Gomer needs to be Tarmac’d. His post game comments are exactly what his daddy, Kim Helton used to say after University of Houston games after one disappointing game after another. He is tone-deaf to what the fans and boosters see with their eyes. His comments about the team being special or “close” are for Bohner and Dolt. Grade F-

      Unfortunately, this coaching staff will be here next year because with Athletic Departments losing $$$ because of Covid, they’ll keep them another year to reduce the payout another $5-$7 M. As for me, I’m done with USC until they fire Gomer and Opie.

      I’ve seen some on this Blog group gripe about Luke Fickell from Cincy being the Bohner’s favorite. But at this point, any coach is better than Gomer

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      1. Not true, Tollner could attract talent, he couldn’t coach it up, sound familiar ?

        Hackett was just a prick who was a very good asst, he just didn’t have the brains to be ahead coach.

        Gomer can’t coach, wasn’t a good asst, and he’s showing he’s not much of a recruiter ( how did # 5 from Oregon get away ??? )

        Maybe Gomer is worse than Hackett, lol.

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    3. Tollner was god awful, should never have gotten the job to begin with, why Dave Levy was passed over for Teddy boy others in the know will have to answer. The guy couldn’t make halftime adjustments to save his life.

      Hackett was a disaster at Pitt, but he was an ex USC asst so that moron Garrett, who hated Robo, hired him. He is the single worst coach USC has ever had.

      I’d say in order of worst


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    4. Unfortunately, Coach Tollner was very much like Coach Helton
      1. Really nice guys. Players liked the HC’s
      2. Really soft practices.

      I remember the last full contact practice November 1982–Notre Dame week–was as brutal as two-a-days in July/Aug. JR was coach. Full tackling drills, etc.

      I remember the first full contact practice in 1983 with Tollner.
      It was like, “hey, if this is all it is, this is gonna be cushy.”
      Never got tougher.

      1983: 4wins-6losses-1 tie. We were losing to ASU at Homecoming 0-28 and were BOOO’d off the Coliseum turf at the half. I never thought the Trojans would ever be BOOO’d at home. Ever.

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      1. I want you to know I was not one of the people booing, Bourbon.
        [I didn’t even boo when we got beat 51-0 at the coli by Notre Dame].

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      2. I apologize for my uncouth behavior. It was for the coaches I have never booed a player. In fact I was taking my young nephew to the tunnel exit to gather autographs. I pretended to not be twiterpated when the team came out. But I (I mean my nephew) have plenty of autographed programs from the 80s and 90s
        I might add Smith to the bad coach list, but he just didn’t understand the rivalry games.

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      3. Yeah, Rialto I get it. I (I mean my nephew) was pretty excited when I (I mean he) got an autograph from the great Jon Arnett at his first ever NFL (Rams) game.
        Please be easy on Larry Smith, though. He did okay with the bruins and won a Rose Bowl. And he would’ve beat Notre Dame in South Bend except for some of most flagrantly bad officiating of all time.
        Larry did okay at Arizona and Missouri too. I don’t think Helton belongs in the same discussion with him…..cuz of: Helton has never succeeded anywhere.

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  6. Paul Hackett has been reincarnated as Clay Helton. Even Mike Garrett had the good sense to fire Hackett after 4 miserable seasons… yet somehow, Clay has 7 under his belt, going for 8+. Sam Darnold saved his bacon…

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      1. Our receivers were getting covered by some excellent corners —but the old Slovis (2019 version) would have drilled the ball into them anyway. He had his shots…he just wasn’t taking them. The couple of times he missed (as in didn’t see them) wide open receivers I couldn’t help thinking his mind was somewhere else. [The closeups of him on the sidelines weren’t encouraging either —he looked like he was having some kind of outta body
        experience —completely lost expression on his face].

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      2. that is what washington would have done , only better…you need to have a running q/b with this single back bs of an offense…and a 1/2 decent ‘O’ line…and real football practices help also

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    1. Always appreciate your input.
      I think the Trojans were ambushed last night.
      Pardon my excuses, but a late Sunday game followed by a later Saturday night game (rivalry game) followed by a later Friday night game was a bit much for the fellas. Oregon looked rested and motivated. I think Slovis was sleepwalking in the first quarter.

      I’ve been a Trojan fan for 51 years and a student for 8 (undergrad and MD) and I’m not giving up, Joan.

      Fire Drevno if the film study has proven he is the weakest link and hire the best O-line coach in the Nation. Now that we have some smart coaches on Defense, they should be able to help Bohn find an O-line coach.

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      1. Unlike hiring Urban Meyer, replacing Drevno is doable.
        Helton said he kept Callaway out of loyalty. I imagine he feels the same way about Drevno. What about showing some loyalty to your QB, coach?

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      2. Our O-line was overwhelmed, even with a 3 man rush. Just finished watching Clemson crush the Domers. Tigers are over-the-top talented, but are also disciplined, workmanlike, they run like a well-oiled machine. And no dumb penalties.

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      3. It was obvious to everyone in the bldg except Haden that Clay shouldn’t be an HC. It won’t change. Fire him. Trojan ADs should honor their promises of “accept nothing short of a championship team.” Clay has had over 5 seasons. He is 2-7 against ranked opponents in the last 3 years. Send him packing.

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      4. I’ve been one a long time too…70 yrs.
        If these guys had to play back in the 50’s ,like the ’53 Rose Bowl champs…both offense and defense I guess they would be unable to take the field. I think they get plenty of rest during week not doing any real blocking or tackling like most winners do…Drevno does not set the tone /attitude, etc…hellton does. SC sports will as ever always be #1 in my heart. Loved those ncaa champ track teams , swim teams,baseball teams…etc etc etc.

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  7. Well at least I won’t have to listen to my old next door neighbor be a psychotic Trojan fan for the next ten months. Whew !!

    Maybe someone here can answer a question for me,
    I thought M. Stepp was a beast. In fact, He reminds me of Beastmode. Where was he hiding this year? Watching a good back run is one of the most exciting things on a field. Back in the day, whenever Muncie got loose, the entire stadium stopped what it was doing.
    Where is Stepp.?

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    1. Once a Trojan always a Trojan, Cal75. I admit I didn’t wear my Trojan colors today because I didn’t want to hear “it” but you can be sure I’m bleeding Cardinal and Gold. (Probably stabbed in the bladder).
      Win or lose I usually wear gear the next day, it’s just not the same when the team plays like they have popsicle suppositories inserted by the coach. I’ll get over it… maybe.

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  8. Notre Dame got dismantled by a healthier Clemson than they saw on the prior go around. They didn’t even come close to scoring a touchdown until garbage time.
    Maybe USC and Notre Dame will meet in Bowl after all…

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    1. They must’ve really not wanted to play in the Rose Bowl. That’s what they get for criticism of the powers that be. Look what happened to Bohn for his remarks towards Larry. The refs were in on it.

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  9. True, but Carol Folt said that they played hard all season. I guess that’s more important than winning. It may be if your team doesn’t have a lot of talent. But when you have SC’s talent, that should not be acceptable.

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