USC-Oregon Live Blog

Great interception. And even if you disagree, USC was a joke tonight.

Bru McCoy with the TD catch. Another comeback?

Talanoa Hufanga runs into the punter. Complete lack of discipline on this team all season.

USC has a big onsides kick and then squanders it.

The entire USC offense consists of throwing to Drake London.

Maybe Sean Snyder should be fired tonight? Oregon leads USC, 21-14 at halftime.

Would USC be in this game if it didn’t have Drake London?

Who covered the Oregon tight end?

USC special teams are atrocious.

USC comes back and scores as the Oregon defensive back falls down and Amon-Ra St. Brown gets an easy TD.

USC did not even block Kayvon Thibedeaux, Oregon’s best player, on that fourth-and-inches.

Why does USC stay in shotgun on fourth-and-inches?

It’s early but what a disaster.

Oregon leads 14-0 on two awful interceptions by Kedon Slovis.

Did you see Talanoa Hufanga with the matador tackle on the first TD? And people compare him to Troy Polamalu?

OK, here we are, the Pac-12 title game. Wow!

Here’s a tidbit before the game. I hear there’s been some discontent with the running backs over playing time/focus on the running game. Vavae Malepeai (knee) is not playing so will USC turn to Markese Stepp or Stephen Carr or Kenan Christon.

98 thoughts on “USC-Oregon Live Blog

      1. You Bozo’s are bad enough. I don’t need to go clown even more of you idiots on some other clown site.


  1. And She-don Slovis throws yet another pick…LOL! There’s your Boy Wonder!

    And the Ducks beat USC in the Coliseum…Holy Hell!


    1. So many boneheaded plays. The attempt at the block when we were getting the ball back in great field position. Kedon not knowing where the sideline is. St. Brown not realizing the endzone is right behind him as he fair catches. The idiot penalty for throwing the QB to the ground AFTER a stop on 3rd and 8 (no, you can’t undo the penalty by going to your knees and holding your helmet).
      Such a waste of talent.
      Who would want their kid to play for Helton?

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  2. Cristobal has so little respect for Helton he barely touched his outstretched hand as they met after the game….
    At least we get to hear the “Warriors” speech at the presser…I love it so much…it never gets old….


    1. Don’t worry. They’ll get things straightened out. They just have to look at the tape. Wait a minute. That sounds farmiliar. I think that I may have heard that one before…like around a thousand times.


  3. That was one poorly played game on both sides. The pac 12 really sucks.
    Heard Saban taped the game to show it for a comedy at his new year party.


  4. With little help from the Ref’s the 5-0 Clownster’s almost defeated the 3-2 Oregon Ducks.

    So in 2020, Clown U is 5-1 in conf. and 1-2 in the Conf. Championship games.

    #Choka, choka, choka, choka choke. Some things don’t change.

    #If I’m the Clown U AD, I extend Helton’s contract for 3 more years.


  5. sc should fire hellton forthwith and decline a bowl game as otherwise it would just embarrass itself again. as trojans knew that 5-0 was not “real” nor deserving despite hellton sugar coating it as best he can.


  6. No running back will look good with this pathetic O-Line. The Chicago sisters of mercy with Mother Theresa at middle line backer would go through this SC O-line like a hot knife through butter. They stink.


  7. 7 point LOSS.. with 3 Interceptions NO running game. Weak offensive line. ..Lose by 7 points…. poor coaching.. is destroying USC


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