USC Bowl Opt Out Riles Fans

A lot of people seem unhappy with the decision to opt out of a bowl game. I’ve heard from a lot of fans/boosters today about it, which is slightly unusual by USC standards.

One complaint I hear is “They wrote a letter to the Governor demanding to play but won’t go to a bowl?”

Or “Would they have opted out if they beat Oregon?”

I’m sure the players are worn down. One plus for them is final exams were last month so there were no classes in December.

But I do wonder if Kedon Slovis and Amon-Ra St. Brown were not ruled out of a game, would the decision have been as easy?

I’m do not doubt Mike Bohn and Clay Helton let the players decide but I also think both were relieved to skip a bowl.

  • And Sam Darnold beat Jared Goff. Again.

38 thoughts on “USC Bowl Opt Out Riles Fans

    1. I’m not pissed about the opt out of a crummy bowl game where the team would have been again poorly prepared to play some mediocre team and then get punched in the mouth again. It saves me the emotional grief of yelling at a tv screen in the family room.

      I’m pissed that they keep the village idiot as head coach and that he is allowed to babble stupid sayings about “developing a winning culture” and “we are laying the foundation for championships”. If one of my mediocre employees said stupid shit like that, I would tell him to keep his trap shut and let his results do the talking.

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  1. USC was the only Top 25 team to opt out of a bowl game. Not a good look.

    And as far as the players being “tired”, how about the SEC teams who have played 10-11 games?

    PAC 12 players didn’t even report to practice until the SEC teams had played 3-4 games.

    I’m regards to COVID cases within the program on the rise, the only regulars I didn’t see on the field Friday night were Christan, ITS, and Chase W.

    This is just an example of how soft Helton and Co. have made the program.

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  2. Also on a follow up to yesterday’s discussion about the worst coaches in USC history. Hackett was a proven coordinator in the NFL, he just wasn’t cut out to be a head coach. He was a great #2, but a crummy #1.

    Gomer reminds me of Tollner (who was the head coach while I was an undergrad). Both Gomer and Tollner never showed coaching greatness prior to getting the SC job, and both appeared to be in over their heads. It took SC 16 years to find greatness after Tollner. I hope it doesn’t take another 16 years to find greatness after Gomer.

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  3. Just TV ratings emailed, Fox won the night with its coverage of SC Duck with 3 million viewers and 0.7 share. SC is still a draw regardless what everyone has been spewing

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    1. You’re kidding, right? SC is now a footnote, a joke… those watching—unless you’re a Kool-aid drinking Heltonites, were rooting for a? Me? I want Helton gone… The Trojans have become a joke…


  4. if they don’t terminate this pos head coach and finally man up to do things properly then don’t do it at all and just terminate the program instead of continue embarrassing the school and tarnishing its football history, legacy and former players

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  5. I’m glad we didn’t go. Going 5-1 for the season and losing a close game to Oregon gave the illusion that we had a successful season this year. Going to a bowl and getting blown out by a genuinely good team(something that didn’t exist in the pac-12 this year) would have removed all such illusions. For recruiting purposes, it is better that we stay home and continue the masquerade.

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  6. Other teams lose their starting Quarterback and a receiver just keep going. A well prepared team wouldn’t worry about significant drop in talent. It’s part of being a team. At USC they live and die on one player. There’s no competition between the players it’s just one player or chosen one. ( running backs excluded ) But like trying to ride the original Traveler we’re beating a ….
    Helton doesn’t prepare his team and Harrell is not a coach. He is a spoiled college quarterback who managed to parlay his knowledge into coaching. He is a one trick pony that compliments the circus Helton runs.
    Owns loves to point out we are Bozo U Helton is the head clown and Bohn is the ringmaster. Until Helton is gone Owns is right.

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    1. Ken, it’s nice to see that you’ve finally seen the light on Helton and the direction of the program. Well-said! There is an epic failure of management at USC (and not just in football) and an arrogance emanating from its administrators and board of trustees that enable it. Opting out of the bowl game is not the action and behavior of the USC that I once knew and loved. Helton has done a great job dismantling Trojan tradition, mindset and Fight On is now Fight Off, it seems. He’s weakened 131 years of football tradition in 5 years. All of his cheap talk about “championship culture” and all else rings hollow. Think about how it feels to be someone like Matt Fink or transfer QB Mo Hassan, who would probably both have a chance to play in a bowl game, and now have their college careers ended because USC’s administration and Helton are too worried about being embarrassed (yet again) in a bowl game. That game against Texas in the Alamo Bowl would’ve been a great matchup, great for recruiting and great for the players and fans. Colorado was happy to jump on it.

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  7. Keep Helton! He is a great coach and recruiter for every other school that actually plays football! You would have just been embarrassed by whoever you faggots played anyway.


      1. Since you keep responding it is not a waste. I thought Guarino and Leftwich put you on to that. You are a real PUSSY


  8. Army athletic director Mike Buddie says the team will continue to look for an opponent.

    “These young men haven’t quit all year and we surely won’t quit now,” Buddie said in a statement. “They deserve better. Period. They have earned an opportunity to get 10 wins and, as we have all year, we will continue to fight to get them that opportunity.”…Fight On Army

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  9. Plaschke’s LA Times column says it all:

    “The loss to the Ducks was nothing more than another soul-crushing defeat at the end of a promising season, one more gut punch in a Clay Helton era filled with them… The players deserve better. They’re not improving. They’re not learning. It’s not working.”

    Folt – Read the local newspaper.

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      1. owns – quite a weekend for the gutties – a double whammy of losing to Stanford in football, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and then losing to OSU in hoops. Does anyone under the age of 40 care in guttyland?

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  10. Not only should Helton be dumped, but also Mike Bonehead, and Carol Folt. Bone, should be selling used cars I don’t believe anything he says. Carol Folt, went to UCSB where athletics are de-emphysized, and old hippies like herself still control Isla Vista.

    In terms of the culture at USC. – it use to be winnng national championships or it’s a bad year. Now its fully acceptable just to win the Pac 12 South, and stay home from a bowl game because your QB is hurt.

    In my opinion – USC should now go independent, and part ways with Bone, Helton, and most of all Larry Scott and the Pac 12.

    What in the world was Helton thinking moving to an Air Raid offense. Obviously, no homework was completed because no team featuring the Air Raid has won a national championship. Oklahoma, runs a partial air raid offense, but it’s still 50-50 with the run and passing games. I guess Helton felt if he could copy Mike Leach he could save his job annually by achieving a .500 record annually.

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    1. Mike Leach is and was successful ,especially considering he had 2-3* star recruits, he developed his athletes. They knew how to pass block 1st and run block 2nd. I would never mention helltons name as the type of coach Leach is. Hellton probably figured to divert attention from zero run blocking development to air raid only pass block, but you still have to teach and practice real blocking…he never heard of that.

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  11. Q: Is USC the top academic school in the Pac 12?
    A: No
    Q: Is USC the top football program in the Pac 12?
    A: No


  12. The problem is, that we will go through the same lousy situation next year with Helton and the team losing to medicore teams and him saying that we are close. Just to the point, this is insane.

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  13. I’m not convinced that Helton keeps his job. It took a week last year to decide to keep him and Bohn was rumored to have been in talks to replace him. Why would it happen sooner this year?

    If Fickell is the guy to get the job, then it makes sense to fire Helton after New Year, so media wont be harrassing Fickell about whether he would leave. Let him get through New Year and then fire Helton.

    Bottom line, there is no way to fix the offense because Helton cant hire another decent OC and Harrell only knows one offense. So next year is a repeat, with maybe a better defense.

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