USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


Drake London

USC has a dynamic, dominating player. Let’s hope he gets used correctly next season and more than five passes a game.


Mike Bohn

He hired more support staff. Created a huge hype-video dept. Hired a new defensive staff. And at the end of the day, what’s significantly different? USC is still an undisciplined underachieving team that can’t play with even respectable programs.

Clay Helton

The luck finally ran out and the mistakes made every week came home to roost.

Kedon Slovis

Something is wrong but USC will not admit it.

Drake Jackson

The best pass rusher on the team is now dropping 30 yards down the field.

Graham Harrell

He doesn’t care USC can’t run the ball. So the Trojans now have a boutique offense.

Talanoa Hufanga

He’s had a good season but he was also over the shop Friday night, missing an easy tackle near the goal line, running into the punter and making everyone forget Troy Polamalu comparisions.

11 thoughts on “USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. SIMPLE…need to clean house of all these incompetent coaches including AD and get a true proven winner who can bring back a national championship contender.

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  2. Yep, Bohn is at the head of the loser’s table. His rightful place.

    Bohn chose to retain a guy who is now in his 6th year as HC, a job Clay never should have had. Everyone agrees it was a mistake. So fix the mistake. Don’t pretend everything is fine and USC “is so close to competing for a national championship.”

    BTW, Scottie, you forgot Folt. You can seat her at the loser’s table every week until a change is made.

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  3. I disagree with Scott. Gomer should be at the top of the big winner list for the following reasons…

    He ducked multiple ass kickings from Alabama, Notre Dame, and Texas.

    He is still successfully stealing 4.5 million dollars per year.

    He wakes up every day in a luxurious Lunada Bay home.

    And we (his critics)all have to sit here and suck on his faith, family, and football bullshit.

    What a disgrace

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  4. Ultimate Losers…
    The fan base, it’s not even close. All signs point to Clay returning to run this mess back another year. Another gut punch.


  5. Give us an outstanding running game and an outstanding O-Line and then I will start to think that maybe we are making some progress here. So far, all I see is empty promises. I like CH. I will support him if I see evidence that we are going in the right direction. So far, that evidence is missing.


  6. Loser the team who would’ve had easy pickings against USC in a bowl game. Although I might not want to watch. Another demolition derby, knowing Helton would keep his job regardless, might push my blood pressure through the roof.


  7. the hype video department is a joke if you don’t have the product on the field. it is like they do all these things around the cancer but don’t treat the cancer ( the imposter as a coach hellton) itself


  8. Winners:
    Bru McCoy, who is getting to show his talent. Made the correct choice academically and athletically.

    Tyler Vaughs, who stayed and played with distinction despite the COVID CFB fiasco. He had a bunch of clutch first down and TD receptions over the year.
    (maybe not a winner THIS week, but…). I hope he bulked up a bit and improved his draft stock.

    Orlando and the kids on the D. Holding ANY OPPONENT to 270 yards of total offense in NCAA CFB (with rules designed to benefit the offense) is a fantastic accomplishment. The USC offense set up 3 or 4 short fields for Oregon and Super Mario took advantage. Game over.

    Inside USC bloggers who all now get to live again as one, big happy family after a brief sojourn to–egad–the SI site. We might exclude Mr. FU from the family. …..Guarino/GT22/’67 (and PIA TebowObama) who kept the lights on and paid the bills.


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