USC Lands Texas Transfer

Xavion Alford, a reserve safety at Texas, announced this morning he would transfer to USC.

Alford made four tackles this season and was No. 3 on the Texas depth chart. He is a true freshman.

USC needs safeties because Talanoa Hufanga and Isaiah Pola-Mao could both turn pro and Alford makes sense because he already knew USC defensive coordinator Todd Orlando and safeties coach Craig Naivar.

Alford (6-0, 190-pounds) was rated as the No. 139 player overall and the No. 8 safety in the 2020 recruiting class.

9 thoughts on “USC Lands Texas Transfer

  1. The AD hears all this gripping about Gomer and knows we need a new coach. He could be a hero. His old school Cincinnati is 10-0 and has a winning program. That is not easy to do at Cinci. Bring the Cinci coach to Troy and let him work with all our talent. Bohn could be the hero and savior. Or is he going to sit there like a Midwest loser and continue to run Troy into the Ground..


    1. Cincinnati is in the American conference which is crap. If Cincinnati played in the Mountain West conference they would be a 4th place team.

      Luke Fickell inherited a 12 – 1 Ohio St. team and led them to a 6 – 7 record.

      Ohio St. promptly fired Fickell’s ass.

      Urban Meyer took over as head coach of thr Buckeyes the following year and went 12 – 0.


    2. So, what TebowObama is telling us, Dr. K, is to hire Urban.

      Problem with Fickell is the cost of his buyout and the cost of Helton’s buyout.
      All of us here were stumping for Fickell after the Holiday Bowl 2019 fiasco (if not before) and before Fickell’s contract extension.

      Urban has no buyout–presumably.
      I’ve repeatedly gone on record supporting Bohn. He’s 13 months into his life at USC. We’ll see how he does.

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