Amon-Ra St. Brown Turns Pro

Wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown became the latest player to escape Clay Helton when he announced he would turn pro today.

This was the least surprising departure and I could not see St. Brown enduring another season of nonsense that defines the USC football program.

  • USC legend Paul Westphal, who has been battling brain cancer, passed away today according to New York Daily News columnist Mike Lupica. I’ll have more on Westphal later today.

21 thoughts on “Amon-Ra St. Brown Turns Pro

      1. Ole’ #44 toiled behind horrible QB/O-line support in Denver nearly all his career. Here in Denver, he’s always been respected and adored amongst all the football fans who rally know this game.

        Flags half-staff–IMHO–for all of Colorado this weekend.

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  1. St.Brown is not ready for the NFL. He doesn’t have the speed or the size. He doesn’t compare to the real wide-outs in college.
    He would have been a reserve at Alabama the last two years.

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  2. God Bless Paul Westphal and Floyd Little. May they have fun in heaven. If the entire team from the 3rd on up turned to the pros, would that send a signal to the Bon, Dolt, and the bots? I dobut it.

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    1. Afraid not, pt —-It would only give Bohn a reason to cancel games …cuz not enough scholarship players…..


  3. Wow.
    We oughta’ be thanking ARSB for 3 fantastic years.
    Lucky to have him on our team (his brothers went to Stanford and ND) and get to watch him compete for 3 years.

    Bru, Gary B, Kyle Ford (looking strong in rehab) are ready to compete in 2021.
    So many weapons and only 75-80 plays per game to get them a touch. ….I guess London is back in 2021 also….


  4. Agree, St Brown was hard nosed and a good USC receiver. He’s not exceptionally fast or tall so I wonder if he will succeed in the NFL; I hope he does.

    USC has holes to fill but we are good at WR.


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