Graham Harrell To Interview With Boise State

Graham Harrell is a candidate for the Boise State job, according to multiple reports.

Here’s my question Does anyone outside Heritage Hall and some of the diehard fans who always support everything USC does really think this would be a loss?

USC can’t run the ball. Some people put it all on the offensive line but Harrell’s never shown a strong desire to run. He didn’t get as much out of Kedon Slovis.

If he leaves, I say, congrats. But I think there will be a wing of administrators/media/fans who think it is a huge hit for the program if Harrell departs.

32 thoughts on “Graham Harrell To Interview With Boise State

  1. Why would BSU, who actually runs the ball, want this brainfart ?

    SC fans can only hope he gets the gig, then Bohn can find Gomer a OC, OL and S&C coach. Why doesn’t Bohn just take over as head coach ?

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  2. IF the village idiot picks Harrell’s successor, he might get someone worse. If Bohn picks, then maybe it would be an upgrade. I think that Boise State could probably do better than Harrell in any case.

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    1. 67 —It doesn’t really matter who makes the offer — NO ONE wants to work with Helton. He’s just too much of a loser for an up and coming coach to consider. If Harrell leaves we’ll get a 3rd rate offensive coordinator….. to match the 3rd rate O-line coach we’re gonna get.
      Helton is poison. & Everybody but Folt and Bohn can easily see it.

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      1. Michael, sadly I agree. The only possible glimmer of hope would be if Bohn hires a really good O coordinator, pays him a lot, and they have a handshake deal that Clay is irrelevant and that the O coordinator would be a candidate for the HC job when Bohn can make a move. As you say, that is many ifs.

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    2. 67/Michael- My ex- beloved university has taught me a better lesson than while attending the school, enduring Moron for all/ ALL These Years will be tested once again for 4 long years with Biden. I’m hoping that San Jose State & BYU both win & the “Shit- Show” comes to an end. Bobby Stoops/ Matt Campbell are 2 candidates for the most important hire of USC football Period.


  3. No loss at all. His offense with no running game cannot compete on the national level despite having good players. The system is too one dimensional. It might make you competitive in a weak Pac 12 conference, but guaranteed will not work against the top teams in the country.
    The real question is USC now just trying to compete in a weak Pac 12 South, or do they want to return to their past glory on the naitonal level.
    I hardly believe Reggie Bush, or Lendale White would come to USC in this era under Helton, and Harrell.

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  4. Is this another agent created desirability thing?

    Seems like he is “a shoe in” for numerous jobs with higher pay and job stature but “declines” every single one.

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    1. I hear they are going after Adrian Klemm as their O-Line coach. I don’t know whether it is true or not but when he was the O-Line coach at UCLA under Mora, they were averaging about 200 yards per game running the ball. He’s also one of the best recruiters in the country.


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