USC Beats Arizona In Tucson

USC shot 58.5 percent from the field, including 57 percent on 3-pointers tonight in an 87=73 victory over Arizona at McKale Center.

Isaiah White led USC with 22 points while Evan Mobley added 19 points and 11 rebounds. Azuolas Tubelis had 31 points for Arizona.

11 thoughts on “USC Beats Arizona In Tucson

    1. U Idiot,

      It is Frday, you should be lathered up real well for your boys and what they will do to you over the weekend. Remember, your mommy wants you home by 9 pm every night because Newsome and Garcetti said so. U Idiot

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  1. SC didn’t get much of an opportunity to practice before the season started compared to many other schools due to the overblown virus epidemic (which is really the flu & TB and natural deaths in nursing homes), but now they are showing their depth and blending better. Mobley wasn’t even the single contributor. Enfield deserves some credit for throwing this team together in a short period of time.

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  2. Scott hates when USC wins because he cant unleash any snark. USC could win its next 10 games but once it loses again, we will be fed “thanks Enfield!”

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    1. It was hell for Scott to have to even sit at his laptop and to attempt typing something positive about USC and Andy Enfield. I imagine he was showing the signs before a person eventually vomits.


  3. Next up, the fighting Bobby Hurleys…..
    Should be a good test.*
    Per ESPN, two of the top NBA draft picks play for the ‘devils.
    Mobley is rated #2 pick.

    *Owns teed up for a standard snarky reply.

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    1. Actually Bourbon I think I goofed. Andyain’twinning is more like 1 – 12 vs the Wildcat’s in Tucson. What’s “snarky” about the truth?

      Only conservatives AH’s speak the truth uh?


  4. Nice win at Tucson. SC has rarely won there. Players showed their talent and showed that they can play with Az. We all know SC can bitch slap ugly, that is not a problem, but last night’s win got the monkey off SC’s back at Tucson.

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