This Just About Sums Up USC Football

If you want to promote the USC football program, it would be nice to say it won a Rose Bowl or went to the College Football Playoff.

You might settle for beating Notre Dame, since Clay Helton has a 1-4 record against the Irish.

But this is what got promoted today: Social-media interactions.


I get that this is geared toward recruits.

But it also shows a major problem: USC can’t promote anything that happens ON THE FIELD!

Why not?

Hmmm. What could the answer be to that? Coach Bohn?

31 thoughts on “This Just About Sums Up USC Football

  1. Hey…..let us not forget playing in the worst power 5 division in the worst power 5 conference with the worst and most overpaid, soon to be gone, leader.

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      1. Maybe we cut owns some slack here? “Drinking in the afternoon” might be covered under the ADA…



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      2. Owns,
        Man, I admire you always taking on our Republican adversaries, never backing down, and dishing it out as well as you take it. It isn’t really my style to comment like you do. Nonetheless, your political acumen and political observations are right on.

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      3. JustOwes&Owes only drinks when he is alone or with someone.
        He is still getting over the trauma of having to wear pink bows in his hair as a kid and being the gofer for his entire school. Then just to add the misery, the best he do with his UCLA degree was a job mopping the floor of the office building of his USC grads bosses (“Yes, sir…I will get that spot. Right away, sir”) But not all is lost, he is good at making coffee. Poor little JustO.

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    1. Ain’t this some sh!t…

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  2. #1 In largest increased interactions generated has to do with two things.
    1. The non stop “Fire Helton” comments after every USC post on the internet.
    2. The popularity of Scott Wolf.

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  3. Recruiting services now have Domani Jackson (nation’s top CB, #3 nationally overall) as a USC lock, thanks to Donte.

    Def give Donte a raise and a promotion. Don’t want to lose him to the huskies.

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    1. I have a feeling that if Donte was on staff, SC does not lose out on players like Justin Flowe, Kayvon Thibodeaux, or Elias Ricks. Recruiting is the lifeblood of a program and if Donte is let go, he won’t be replaced. Aside from Pete Carroll and Ed Orgeron, Donte is the best recruiter that the Trojans have had in the last 20 years. # HeisquicklygainingonbothCarrollandEd

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      1. Say what you want but Tee Martin Kiff and sark all could and can recruit… and Claiborne is very important to our recruiting too.

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      2. Arturo –You can never, ever leave guys off the list just cuz the size of the list is growing. Not a good excuse. Especially since we’re living in a relatively young age of USC football history. Think about how much longer these lists are going to be for the Arturos of the 22nd and 23rd centuries…. and don’t get me started on how much harder [….and how many more names are gonna have to be memorized in….] world history classes…. I mean, shit…..

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      3. MG-

        I know that you know this, but let me clarify: A longer list does not mean that there would have to be more names to clarify, a longer list dilutes the importance of each participant. Maybe I should’ve said that Donte, despite not being on the staff for a very long time, is closing in on cementing his place on the Mount Rushmore of USC recruiters over the last twenty years ( the fifth Beatle also works)

        Moctezuma and Cuauhtémoc were the last Aztec Emperor- Gods BTW

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      4. Tee Martin was a great recruiter also.
        (He’s not done so well in Tennessee.)

        I’m not sure if the problem was Tee or Helton when we had our offensive mismanagement. I do know that Calloway was a problem….

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      5. Bourbon — I watched a video of Tee interacting with USC players when he first came to USC. He was as natural and charismatic a bullshitter as I’ve ever heard. That can get you pretty far….. but, usually, not all the way.


    2. I think that some of the SC recruiting failures after Tee left is that the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing. Several 4 and 5 star So Cal guys weren’t even visited by the coaching staff. Some may have been they figured were out of their reach, but certainly not all.

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      1. 67 — For any number of reasons I would prefer not to get into this more ‘deeply’ —but Clay’s left hand is always acutely aware of what Clay’s right hand is doing….

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