If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

If USC needs to hire anything right now, it might be a human resources director.

There never seems to be a lack of openings to fill and they seemed to get filled the way they usually do in coaching circles: Connections.

The one key, however, is not a connection to Clay Helton, who has limited ties.

USC is interviewing Texas director of recruiting Bryan Carrington today. He worked at Texas with USC defensive coaches Todd Orlando and Sean Naivar.

It sounds like USC wants Carrington to fill one of the coaching analyst spots that opened this week. On a three-year deal! As usual, Helton seems like a bystander on this one.

  • Earlier this week, former USC graduate assistant Prentice Gill, now coaching wide receivers at Arizona State, turned down a three-year contract to be the Trojans’ tight ends coach.

Gill coached at USC from 2016-18, so you could argue he is a Helton hire. But I’ve heard it was other people in the McKay Center who recommended Gill to Mike Bohn and Co., not Helton.

The recommendations are obviously coming from people not named Clay Helton.

  • It would be fun to hear these job conversations where three-year deals are offered. “Don’t worry about Helton, we’ll keep you if there is a coaching change.”
  • College football is clearly a different game right now with all the players in the transfer portal. But I’m not sure how some people can make bold proclamations about how those transfers will impact the team?

Two of USC’s transfers (defenstive tackle Ishmael Sopsher, safety Xavion Alford) were not exactly getting playing time at their previous schools. So they may contribute. Or they may not.

The other two transfers (wide receiver K.D. Nixon, tailback Keaontay Ingram) are proven performers. That is different. But to make blanket statements about the transfer class is ridiculous.

  • I feel like a big error the past two years was the way USC utilized tailback Markese Stepp, who transferred to Nebraska. But a USC coach told me in order for Stepp to play more, he needs to improve his pass protection. That is possibly more important than running the ball when you play in the Air Raid, I guess.
  • Everyone told me how great USC cornerbacks played last season, which I felt was a generous assessment. Here’s an interesting Pro Football Focus chart on that:
  • I could comment on the awfulness of this item USC sells but the outrageous price is too hard to ignore. A “skort” for $115? Excuse me, reduced to $79.99.
  • And now for some history:
  • This is the view of a USC basketball game at the Shrine Auditorium in 1947. One of the “unique” aspects of games was that in some seats, there was an obstructed view that meant you couldn’t see both baskets.

“The Shrine Auditorium is entirely inadequate for intercollegiate games,” USC athletic director Willis O. Hunter said in 1947. It would not be until 1959 that the Sports Arena opened. Prior to that, USC also played home games at the Pan-Pacific Auditorium.

  • Here’s a photo of athletic director Jess Hill showing there was not enough room for trophies when the athletic dept. was in the Student Union Building. The photo was supposed to show the need for the proposed $1.5 million Heritage Hall building that was opened in 1971.

But Heritage Hall quickly became too small too. Last year, I wrote that I would tell some horror stories about this.

When I was a student, a friend and I took a wrong turn one day at Heritage Hall and walked into a storage cubby hole. There were at least 50 NCAA and conference trophies strewn about and full of dust that had not been touched in years. They were unwanted. I’m pretty sure some are in the picture above. We were shocked because of the lack of concern for the school’s athletic history.

Someone could have taken a few trophies and no one would notice. I doubt USC even knows where they are today.

  • It turned out to not be a unique occurrence. When USC renovated Heritage Hall about 10 years ago, an Orange Bowl Trophy sat in an open-air storage area next to the swimming pool. There were other trophies in the same area.
  • Around this time, I heard Nike had donated a pair of famous USC football cleats to the athletic dept. for display. Nike eventually asked for the shoes back but they couldn’t be found because they were lost during the renovation. A lot of things just got thrown into trash bins during the renovation.

60 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

      1. I’m just testing here — cuz I’ve been blocked twice. Is it okay to say suck, fuck and dick….but not okay to say Clay has ordered a “My Little T*ol Belt” to help fix the offense when it breaks next year?

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      2. Yeah, that answers my question. Watch out for the word “t*ol” guys. It’s a no no.
        I hate to say this —but, Scott, you’re wrong about Clay not being in the room for the newest hires. Bohn has him there….he’s just at the end of the conference room table….with a bandanna over his mouth (covering his triple covid masks). Clay gets to watch everything …. but Bohn doesn’t have to hear him speak….

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      3. What’s up with the “awaiting moderation” function today? It should be disabled if it is not going to keep out the garbage, which it doesn’t. I keep getting blocked, no inflammatory words in the post. Maybe this one gets through, maybe it doesn’t…

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      4. @ Michael being blocked is an honor -No? My entire post was blocked the first time I wrote it this morning. But I have taken to copying the post before I post and then reposting a few minutes later. The first time I mentioned the other six coaches who were considered to expensive to buyout by name. I just took everyone out except Helton. Six out of seven were canned, We need to call Helton ; Teflon

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  1. Seems Ed O did okay with a transfer qb last season who couldn’t get on the field before his transfer. And if I’m remembering correctly, the buckeye qb who made it to the title game this season couldn’t get on the field at georgia. Then there was our own Stevie T, who was a 2nd or 3rd teamer for the utes and ended up Rose Bowl defensive MVP…

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    1. Stevie T (wish I knew how to spell his last name — if only to honor his contribution and importance to the 2016 team) was more than Rose Bowl MVP. As you know probably better than anybody, he was the heart and soul of the team. I’ll never forget him walking the sidelines after the Rose Bowl victory sobbing w/joy and hugging his teammates. Or his quote: “We got USC back on track. Now the next wave can get them ALL the way back!”

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      1. But Stevie T was not really contributing at Utah so , according to Wolf, he might have or might not have contributed to the team . Think Wolf would have predicted a Rose Bowl MVP for Stevie? I guess Wolf hates transfers as they are not 100% SC or they are tainted or something for some reason.


      2. Oh. no! Did you just put your finger on an apparent (I say “apparent” cuz it couldn’t possibly be real) contradiction in the Scott solar system? If USC coaching is so screwed up, you’d think he’d be high on transfers (especially from relatively well coached teams like Utah or Texas).


    2. Speaking of Clown U xfer’s Dear Pisley, you stinking road kill, Chuckie Buggs has too be Andyain’twinningorplaying’s greatest portal BB program addition with the exception of the Mobley’s old man. The Chuckie Buggs year was, as usual, just another year SUCC BB SUCC’d.


      1. Hmmm,
        Does this mean anything? Like no one respects the ruins? 3rd in the NET rankings?
        Really, hahahahaha.

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  2. I was wondering about these three year deals USC seems to be offering. That’s 21, 22, 23. It coincides with the length of Helton’s contract. I couldn’t remember how long we have to wait for the Helton era to end so I looked it up. I found an article ( https://trojanswire.usatoday.com/2020/10/15/clay-helton-is-one-of-7-coaches-on-too-big-to-buy-out-list/ ) that really says it all. All of the other coaches mentioned are gone. It makes me wonder what Helton has on these guys? How can a guy be so bad at his job and keep it like Helton does, short of a compact with the devil?
    The Skort thing isn’t surprising and I’ll bet you will be able to buy it at DD’s in the coming weeks. It’s made out of material that’s readily available in fabric shops in the area. My wife mad doggie sweaters for the two dogs that refuse to wear doggie sweaters out of that material. And you can guess who owns a shirt with the letters going east and west across his chest. I told her the shirt was perfect for when I watch games lying on the couch.

    As for the trophies, they really belong to the teams who won them. I found a trashcan full of trophies at Sileverado HS in Victorville when I taught band there. The previous band teacher threw them away on his way out after he was fired. As a kid I used to make monstrosities out of trophies more than a year old, putting together baseball and football trophies so it looked like the football player and the baseball player were fighting atop a large musical note. Gaudy trophies don’t fit in the record books.

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  3. Once again, Helton being a bystander is a positive. Why do you fake incredulity? That guy’s limited Rolodex ran dry years ago, I’m glad someone other than he is stepping in to plug holes on staff. If he had any honor, he would see the writing on the freaking wall & depart voluntarily (but even he’s not stupid enough to kill that golden goose).

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  4. Trophies, USC Athletic Heritage, and Winning Tradition means nothing to Folt, Bone, and Helton. Paychecks, long term contracts are now apparently guaranteed so winning is not important nor is our rich history so I can completely understand why the trophies are in unknown storage areas collecting dust. If things continue as they are in that athletic department there will be no need to expand Heritage Hall and the Mckay center because there won’t be any more championships coming in along with the trophies.

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      1. Carol Folt: “There is such a school, Global —it’s my old party school —U. C. Santa Barbara….


    1. Ooof, that hurt. Being a Trojan wasn’t supposed to hurt. I’m going to see if a new school will adopt me, let me chill with their old fraternity alum, student athlete alum, let me send them little checks, join their mentoring programs, etc. Sigh…

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    1. Nice. Just think of it: Someday soon we’ve got an all around football player at quarterback….

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      1. Only differences — Dart doesn’t throw airballs, knows when to give up on play and take off, has leadership abilities……

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      2. I’m sorry, I was wondering if you found out if the schnazola found gainful employment yet? Or is he going to live off the largesse his parents dole out to him as an allowance… did anyone ever get so many coaches fired as the schnaz?
        U B U, hahahahaha.

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      3. Pudly — If Jim Mora followed InsideUSC he’d probably have something to add here…

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  5. Memo to: Dear Pisley, heifer road apple pile

    The Pac-12 BB Conf. thing that actually counts: UCLA is in 1st place. Naturally, enough said.

    Pisley, remind me: What’s Andyain’twinningorplaying’s NCAA tournament record?



    1. Just a reminder to my little buddy owns, just like playing a football game, or looking back to last year’s ucLAMBb game, it doesn’t matter how long you lead, it’s who wins the game that counts. Now I only bring this up so perhaps you can remind cronin who has the chipper philosophy, at least based on the game the ruins played vs furd….

      Lay up anyone? Buehler? Buehler?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You know, I suspect that Carol Folt could have done a better job of coaching the inbounds play defense at the end of the gutties vs. Stanford game. Just shaking my head…


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      2. Yeah they (the ruins) were probably counting on the furd player to trip on the painted line in the restricted zone… and land on his ass like that ruin did in last year’s finale…

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      3. Duly noted Dear Pisley. It’s not where you start, but where you finish. You’re such Zen Master Pisley.

        However, UCLA didn’t postpone a tough Sanford game due to a fake positive CV-19 test or postpone any other UCLA scheduled game – home or away.

        The O/U number of weeks Dear Pisley disappears due to a UCLA win 2/6, unless of course, Andyain’twinningorplay’g fakes another CV-19 positive test: 4(Four)

        The O/U number of weeks Dear Pisley disappears after bozo bb finishes 5th in conf.: 6(Six)


      4. Funny you should come here and lie so easily, but it’s in the nature of all ruins and their wannabes. The truth of the matter, and uncontested by the furd officials, is that we were intent on playing that game, either later the same day, the next day, later that weekend, or that Monday and were turned down by Stanfurd. Now you ask yourself why? Because even though they were good enough to beat your ruins, they were short handed and wanted the game delayed so THEY would be at full strength.. now IF YOU HAVE PROOF to the contrary, kindly show it.

        Liar, liar, pants on fire….💋

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      5. Owns,

        You know that I am with you with just about everything that you say politically and that one of our -liberals, democrats etc- main gripes is that Conservatives love conspiracies, alternative news, or just flat out lies. If we are going to call them out on this, then we have to be as truthful as possible and not spread lies ourselves. With this in mind, USC basketball did not cancel against Stanford and isn’t avoiding anyone. Take the high road, man, don’t spread lies and untruths.

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  6. I am still puzzled as to why we spend so much time talking about these underlings who coach under Helton. They do not make a difference no matter how qualified they are. They are working, when they come, for a loser.
    Who thinks God has something to do with winning. Is it because we have to have something to talk about?
    We all know the problem. An unqualified head coach. Am I missing something here?

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    1. “We all know the problem. An unqualified head coach. Am I missing something here?”

      Nope, you aren’t missing anything. Scottie needs content, and the arrival and dismissal of assistants provides plenty of content, as those events happen frequently.


  7. The Auld Dear Pisley whine: excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses etc, etc, etc, etc.

    SUCC had a game and didn’t show because Andyain’twinningor playing faked a CV-19 positive test causing the fake bozo postponement.

    Stanford was ready to go, SUCC wasn’t. Now Pisley, you’re whining it’s Stanford fault because it wouldn’t accommodate Clown U pathetic fatuity. Pisley, you’re FOS.


    1. owns lies and moves his thread so he doesn’t have to show his proof. Stanford refused four different options including later the same day, the same weekend and the following Monday. Enfield made these public assertions and stanfurd made no denial of the statement. Only the weasel owns casts his baseless aspersions. Come on owns show me one shred of evidence from the stanfurd athletic department.

      Waaaaaah, waaaaaah, waaaaah!! We lost to an undermanned furd team because the Trojans didn’t soften em up for us‼️

      Waaaah. 💋✌🏾✌️

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      1. Dear Pisley whines:

        “owns lies and moves his thread so he doesn’t have to show his proof.” What a load of Pisley BS.

        You want proof Pisley, Andyain’twinningorplaying fessed up to postponing the scheduled Stanford game based on a Fake/Fraudulent bozo CV-19 positive test. What more proof do you need three ball.

        F**k Andyain’twinningorplaying’s and his options. Where does the AH get off dictating what options Stanford must agree too because SUCC can’t man up for the scheduled game. No wonder Stanford gave Andyain’twinning the finger and rightfully so. LOL Pisley, you are one stupid Clown U cretin.

        #Excuses,excuses,excuses,excuses, excuses, as usual Pisley, you pathetic whiner, that’s all you ever offer.



      2. Deflecting now you ruin wannabe. Stanford controlled if or when we played not us. But when you make statements you still offer no evidence. Go pound sand little fella


  8. I have an idea, it would benefit the Pac 12 and USC. Just have the Pac 12 hire Helton as the new commissioner. He is inept, so he owuld fall right into place as the commissioner and USC would have favoritism.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’d go for that. One office in his room at the Hyatt Embarcadero. One phone, no staff, no S.F. leasing costs. Minimal damage assessment.


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      1. Third rate tennis promoter will go back to being a third rate tennis promoter. Or he can retire, he certainly made enough $$ to do that if he didn’t blow it.


  9. I dont care how Bohn is hiring people with three year contracts. That does not help the coaching staff. The coaching staff should be a coheiseve unit. Just hiring people thinking that they will be part of the solution will not work out. This creates a distrust in the coaching ranks and coaches will look over their shoulder for a more secure job. Bon just needs to get rid of Helton and let the head coach choose who he wants on his staff. This is nothing but a cluster bomb.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In today’s day and age, it is difficult to create that cohesion that you are referring to, Pasadena. Actually, three year contracts are one way to entice top assistant coaches/ staff. You need something to attract these coaches- some of whom have never lived in pricey LA/So Cal. Bama offers 3 million $ / year and I am sure that other schools offer something as well. Rotating assistant coaches are the norm.


  10. Po’, Po’ Dear Pisley, blind as a mole, Stanford didn’t postpone the bozo vs Stanford game, Andyain’twinningorplaying did due to a fake bozo CV-19 positive test. That is a fact. In fact, SUCC will have to travel to Stanford for the 2/2 make up game or as I call it, the Stanford option.

    Clown U pays Andyain’twinningorplaying major $$$$ to run the bozo bb program. But his sheer incompetence is costing the team extra travel and program expense and quite likely another conf. loss.


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