A Special USC Saturday Zoom

Almost 50 USC players from around 1984-89 gathered for a Zoom session Saturday afternoon to catch up with each other.

Among the participants were: Mark Carrier, Martin Chesley, Greg Coauette, Marcus Cotton, Joe Cormier, Keith Davis, Aaron Emanuel, Shane Foley, Martin French, Len Gorecki, Chris Hale, Randy Hord, Brad Leggett, John Katnik, Matt Koart, Jeff Maree, John Page, Brent Parkinson, Rodney Peete, Reggie Pendleton, Marvin Pollard, Sean Salisbury, Bill Schultz, Junior Thurman, Mark Tucker, Marlon Washington and Gary Wellman. Also on the call was their USC strength coach, Jerry Simmons, and John Papadakis.

The group also remembered some of the their late teammates. Linebacker Joseph Scott, who signed with USC in 1984 and played at Banning, recently died.

14 thoughts on “A Special USC Saturday Zoom

  1. KABOOM!!
    The Los Angeles Rams have traded Jared Goff to Detroit in exchange for Matthew Stafford!!
    Rams also giving Detroit 2 future first round picks and a third round pick.
    I think they sent too many draft picks. But I am so happy to see Jared gone. He really sucked!! Stafford is a better QB imho.

    As I stated here many times, the Rams would never win a Super Bowl with Goff as their QB. This trade proves me right.

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    1. I’m also surprised that the Rams gave up 2 first rounds and a third round. Stafford is an upgrade, but statistically he is roughly the median QB in the league.

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      1. Stafford reached 40,000 yards faster than any other QB in NFL history. He set the record for most comeback victories is a season (8) and has basically been the best player on one of the worst teams in the league.; the Lions Barry Sandersed him. He has good years still in him if you look and see how QBs are playing well into their late 30s. McVay is old school and he believes in running the football which will make Stafford even more effective. I smell a Super Bowl next year.
        First the Dodgers, then the Lakers, now , hopefully the Rams/ Chargers and ,finally, the best team in town, the USC Trojans win a Natty! Sweet, sweet, sweet!

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  2. Too bad we can’t select a coaching staff from that group of players. Could you see Rodney Peete be the head coach with Mark Carrier being the d coordinator and Sean Salisbury being the qb coach and Brad Leggit being the oline coach and Wellman being the receiver coach. Martin Chelsy beng the lber coach, and Shane Foley as the oc. Dennis Thurman as the db coach. I will win with the staff.

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    1. That would be the Staff of staffs. I’d make room for Donte and Keary though. Mark Carrier is one of my favorite Trojan players of all time.

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    2. Matt Koart was a fine D lineman/backer (hybrid). Great teammate. Great Trojan. I think he has been an incredibly successful businessman after graduating.

      Jerry Simmons was, likewise, a wonderful coach. Positive spirit. Universally liked at USC.

      The above Trojans labored under a transition period after JR left in 1983 and took some great coaching talent–Hudson Houck, Goux, etc–with him to the Fighting Frontieres (AKA Anaheim Rams, soon to be STL Rams). The fellas fought on.

      What a great group of fellas. Glad that they got together.

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  3. Man we haven’t had a player like Gary Wellman at USC since yep Gary Wellman.
    What happened to the small little possession guys?
    Dude was a tough little pistol.

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    1. Wellman had at least one significant NFL season for the Oilers when he came in for Webster Slaughter. If you stretched him out, maybe he was 5’9″.

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    1. Don’t count me in on the 0% body fat. In high school when i was running about three to four miles aday in football, I probably had around 8-10% body fat and I had a 34″ waist at 6’4″ and weighing in at 197 lbs

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