Former USC Kicker Chase McGrath Picks New School

Former USC kicker Chase McGrath will transfer to Tennessee, he announced today.

McGrath, a redshirt junior, lost his job to freshman Parker Lewis. He made 32 of 42 field-goal attempts and 118 of 119 extra points.

25 thoughts on “Former USC Kicker Chase McGrath Picks New School

      1. Stanfurd ran three at him on some possessions and if we start hitting the jumpers we win by 20. Poor outside shooting is keeping these games close.

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      2. Don’t tell owns about the spread, he is trying to slow down on his drinking, particularly the rotgut Thunderbird that he is partial to.

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  1. We don’t need a kicker or offensive lineman we have a great Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, and an Air Raid offense that is unstoppable according to Graham Harrell… All we need is a quarterback that can throw the ball to some talented wide receivers, and ultimately everyone is happy now if we finish second in the Pac 12 South. Just do it—through the air only!!

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      1. btw, McGrath announced he likes “the way Tennessee does business”……..

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  2. Yes, SUCC does have Evan, and, not only that, SUCC has his daddy. Whose daddy will Andyain’twinning buy next?

    Well as Dear Pisley whined: “Saturday lil buddy, Saturday.”


    1. Yeah, I guess stanfurd forgot the lesson they taught you….the first 39 minutes don’t mean sh!t if you don’t win the last 1.. 💋💥✌🏾💥✌️💥✌🏾💥


      1. Bottom line Pisley, who’s in first place and who’s in second place? Some things just don’t change.


    1. You’ve got balls plus, Pudly. Never before has any USCInsider pointed at the fence prior to the first pitch….never before have I seen any USCInsider pull a Namath & “guarantee” a victory…..


      1. MG, you can count on Dear Pisley to disappear down his gopher hole for an extended humiliation hibernation if SUCC loses Saturday at the Galen ghetto band box.


      2. P. S.
        Remember the last scene of Meet Joe Black? Anthony Hopkins asks Death if he has anything to be scared of and Death says “A man like you?”


  3. McGrath was solid but he simply got beat out. That’s a good sign for the “best player plays” philosophy.

    It’s a tough break but if McGrath has NFL aspirations, it’s a good lesson for him because there will be no mercy in the NFL.



  4. This makes sense as we never kick the ball.

    Air Raid scores TDs all the time so a field goal kicker not really needed. Anyone could kick a PAT.


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