USC Allowing Clay Helton Out In Public This Signing Day

Last year, USC conveniently did not schedule a Signing Day press conference for Clay Helton. It was probably the first time in history the school blew off Signing Day like that.

But Helton will speak at noon today to the media as USC feels confident about its Top 10 recruiting class. It’s ridiculous USC acts like that when no other school that fancies itself as a marquee program would cocoon the coach like that.

Helton makes no decisions any more so it’s like a brain-washed hostage being let out to answer a few questions.

USC thinks it will get a commitment from linebacker Raesjon Davis at 8:30 a.m. Offensive lineman Austin Uke, three-star tackle from Dallas, will announce at 10 a.m.

  • Former USC offensive line coach Tim Drevno is a candidate to become head coach at Montana State.
  • The New Orleans Saints hired Kris Richard as their secondary coach. His USC teammate, Ryan Nielsen, is the Saints’ defensive line coach.

24 thoughts on “USC Allowing Clay Helton Out In Public This Signing Day

    1. We’ve got a good team, but Stanford was down 3 starters. Maybe, Scott’s not ready to throw a party, just yet. Consistent score reporting would be welcome.

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      1. Scott is butt hurt if USC does anything remotely positive. He is comical and “reporting ” should never be used in any the frame of reference with Scott.

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      1. It was a nice, hard fought win for UCLA….. but, wow…..

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      2. Just rent,

        It is about USC destroying, demolishing, and beating the crap out of Thug U aka ruinville, aka ugly. Look at the overall record duffs. SC owns the redhead step child, ugly.


  1. I can’t tell you which I’d rather do.
    1. Listen to Helton speak
    2. Listen to Trump theories on why the election was stolen by people who hate him.
    3. Listen Biden say anything least of all explanations of why he’s undoing everything Trump did without saying, “We Democrats hate him with every fiber of our being and will repay him for what he did to poor Hillary. “
    4. Watch a two hour meeting on how to use Flipgrid.
    5. Root canal
    6. Rewatch Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band movie staring The Bee Gees.
    7. Read a post posted by an adolescent troll.

    I think I’ll flip a coin

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  2. Gomer = Biden

    Both hide in their multi million dollar homes
    When they talk it’s gibberish
    Both are puppets
    Both have no idea what they are doing
    Both have failed up
    Both have a media that enables them
    Both set the bar low

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  3. As long as USC has money to hire assistants, I keep thinking this fellow could be what a person to really impact the program:

    Wisconsin o-line coach – he takes 2 and 3 star guys and year in, year out, produces one of the best o lines in the country:

    Too late, given they hired the texas state guy, but if the plan is to try to hire assistants who can deliver, here is a guy who can do that.

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