Raesjon Davis Picks USC

As predicted, linebacker Raesjon Davis of Mater Dei announced he would attend USC.

Davis originally committed to LSU.

The tricky part is why did he decommit? Depends who you ask.

USC won”t care because it bolsters their recruiting ranking.

39 thoughts on “Raesjon Davis Picks USC

      1. …of course —no matter which way you play it —USC is gonna end up with close to a Top Five class…..

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      2. To paraphrase the great Bobby Jones in describing SW’s craftsmanship “He plays a game with which I am unfamilar”.
        BTW, MG #WeKnowTheAnswerToThat

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      3. SW: “It looks like only I am familiar with this game. Obviously people with names like Dan and Claudette aren’t….”

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  1. Problem:

    No beef. No oline or line. That is where championships are won. Helton is an idiot. Mrs. Helton, you better not put out anymore for your husband, he doesn’t have the gonads to be a man or coach.

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  2. Come on! What is with the implication that there is something wrong with him decommitting from Clemson. Alot of players were not considering USC, but the defensive staff has changed their minds. USC is resurgent on the defensive side of the ball. Good coaching from TO and his hires. The defense made year over year progress, even though they had real problems in the linebacker group. TO will get that improved next year and has some other really solid elements to the defense. Look for them to be in the top 20 defenses this year.

    The offense is a big question mark. Harrell has to prove himself this year, no more excuses where the offense doesnt perform for 3 quarters and pulls out a win with a one quarter burst against bad teams.

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    1. Harrell’s offensive philosophy: Forget the jab, forget the body shots…… fall behind on points…

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      1. Definitely. Adjustments were made –not just situational, second half adjustments but game to game adjustments.

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      2. In the title game, Oregon only had 243 yards of total offense. That is about half of what they usually achieve, so the D played quite well.

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      3. 67 —People forget but we were on our way to tying that game up when Kedon decided to throw the ball out of bounds WITHOUT throwing the ball out of bounds….

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    2. I believe he decommitted from LSU but no matter. The one concern is while the D improved, the one group that underperformed was coached by TO. Soooo maybe, they should have promoted Chris Claiborne to LB Coach and, you know, make TO the CEO of the D. Was TO feeling threatened or does he have a lack of confidence. Just saying…

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  3. If Helton is still “running” the program three years from now, which is a distinct possibility with the walking brain donors who are in charge, these two will rue the day they signed with USC. Unless they’ve been guaranteed by Bohn that this will be Helton’s last year.

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    1. Funny thing about SC politics and job titles/responsibilities. Helton thinks he’s the HC but in reality we know that Coach Bohn runs the show.
      Bohn thinks that he’s the AD but again, we know that Coach Folt runs that show.
      Folt thinks that she’s the President but Caruso is singing the notes.
      Soooo, if Helton has pictures of Caruso, well, he isn’t going anywhere.

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      1. Haven’t we talked before about placing the words ‘Helton’, ‘Bohn’, ‘Folt’ or ‘Caruso’ in the same sentence as ‘integrity’?

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    1. Ha! [I’m waiting to see the press coverage of the day our prez forgets to check this item off before meeting with VP]…..

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  4. Gomer He’ll Ton needs to keep his MOUTH SHUT. … Let Donte Williams take over the Coaching…then you will see a BIG Improvement on the Football field. …just look at the New Recruiting. …


  5. As a former USC Linebacker and CoCaptain, Congrats to the KId. USC has always had great linebackers. His Coach, Bruce Rollinson, played DB on our 1969 team.. Bruce has been a great HS coach and resource for USC recruits.. I can only hope Raesjon will be coached up and developed. But I really doubt it…. after USC let a Butkus award winner, Chris Claibone, go to another PAC-12 school,ASU. Total insanity by USC,, Another Great resourse pissed away by the Helton led dimwits at USC.. Currently, Nobody gets it there at USC.. It’s been a total fiasco at SC, from a once fired President Folt, a yes man AD Bohn , and a overwhelmed Helton and Staff and now another embarrassment from ex-USC player Chad Wheller on assault.. The blind leading the blind!!
    charges. PS.. Please tell the USC football Hype Department that it’s a little early to be talking about a future Butkus Award winner before he’s made his first tackle at the college level !!


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