Clay Helton Press Conference!

Clay Helton had this comment at his Signing Day press conference:

“Donte (Williams) obviously did a wonderful job. I’ve always said that some guys can elevate you and elevate an entire staff, and Donte was one of those guys that elevates the people around him.”

Who does Helton elevate?

Helton said USC still has plenty of scholarships available for transfers even after signing today’s class.

Helton said all seniors who haven’t already said they will go to the NFL or the transfer portal will return next season. That includes Vavae Malepeai, Stephen Carr and Matt Fink.

Helton on Raesjon Davis: “Raesjon was a huge pickup for us because of his athleticism. He checks off every box.”

26 thoughts on “Clay Helton Press Conference!

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      1. As good as he is, he wasn’t the only one working. Davis never comes to SC if Orlando doesn’t take over for Clancy and the safeties are Naivar’s group not Donte, so at the end of the day Craig was a major influence.

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      2. JT also plays hoops. Amazing athlete taking into account his size. I think I posted this a few months ago, but here it is again, showing JT hooping:

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      3. My son has played against him on the court a few times in AAU tourneys . Never really guarded him, my kid is a skinny guard and would get mauled. JT is a handful though, he ate up both our posts who are 3-4 inches taller than him. Also, really never says a word. Which I appreciate, because modern day AAU is full of kids who never stop talking.

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  2. And finally this.

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  3. If I know Scott, and I don’t, I will guess the “checks off every box,” comment will used to bash the player in the future. When and if the kid does something that rankles Scott, it will be, “he should deliver pizza so he can check off every box.” Or, Helton loves him he works for Amazon. Com and checks off every box.” I can almost see it. “The kid’s in the portal after not seeing the field this year he’s moving on and had better check off every box.”
    What a wonderful world this is.

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