USC Signing Day Podcast!

Here are my thoughts on USC Signing Day and some other aspects of the football program.

10 thoughts on “USC Signing Day Podcast!

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    1. You think it might help if scottie wasn’t so one note in his commentary? Is there any doubt about what his attitude towards this class was before he breathed a word of it?
      Honestly, if you, Michael and others weren’t posting here you think this blog would get half the traffic it does?

      Just asking for a friend.

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  2. I’m not embarrassed but disappointed to say I just realized a few hours ago today was signing day. Haaa.
    I AM EMBARRASSED Clay Helton offered a “Top OT” not my words but a player who got offers from big programs late but still not a big recruit but has some potential (Only rated a 3-Star by Rivals, 247, ESPN and Scott Schroeder) and had been committed to Holy Cross before picking round David Shaw and Stanford. A team that holds OLine play as a significant part in being successful. They actually had an OL coach at Stanford. It seems having the position coach in place helps assure a player whats what. Who knew? He tried to convince this kid and the Transfer from Tennessee who chose OU. He foolishly pitched playing at USC as we had no OLine coach but losing out is what we get. Helton must think the parents are morons to believe his BS. In the end we begged a 3-Star who picked Stanford and may play like a future star up at the farm instead of under Helton.
    On the bright side I’m happy we closed on our last main target Raesjon Davis keeping him away from Ed O and LSU, Theee Ohio State and away from the “Best Program” in the Pac-12 Oregon Ducks according to everyone football except the four playoff teams every year 👊👊👊#SUCKAPUNCH!😀
    Not this time Duckies!
    It looks like we had a great class but it’s more on the side of a very good class in my opinion.
    Hopefully they will have a new head coach in November.

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    1. Sam,
      I read online about Folt’s exceedingly clever plan for a “new” coach….. in November Clay is gonna legally change his name to Clayella.

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      1. Mike I’m amazed at how easy of a schedule we have next season yet Clay Helton seriously has USC fans feeling like we will be pulling our hair out or getting grey hair from screaming at Clay through the television as if he can hear us.
        Me – “Fire that motherfu**er!!!!!!!”

        But seriously the schedule is made for USC to be 1-loss or better.
        BYU Stanford Utah and UCLA all at the Coliseum. The @Notre Dame and @Washington State games look like the biggest test of the season right now on paper.
        Last season was the perfect opportunity to hire a coach capable of turning things around because we coulda woulda shoulda be making a 2nd straight trip to the CFB Playoffs with a different coach with the schedule we had in 2020 and have in 2021. It’s a shame that we have to continue supporting our team another season with a dude who should be coaching at Arizona or New Mexico.


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