USC Morning Buzz: Final Thoughts On Recruiting Class

A few final thoughts on USC’s recruiting class:

USC was ranked No. 8 nationally. That’s much better than the previous two years. And it’s not special by USC standards, despite the fan/media gushing.

Remember the Class of 2014? Lane Kiffin got fired, Ed Orgeron offered a lot of players because he was worried USC would end up with not enough recruits to fill a class and Steve Sarkisian parachuted in at the end? That class, with all the turmoil, was ranked No. 13 by Rivals.

But move up 5 spots and Donte Williams is hailed as a miracle worker.

In 2015, USC was ranked No. 1. No one will remember that in the next 12 months because it was a whole six years ago.

  • Is it Williams’ job to recruit elite offensive linemen too?

USC clearly lacks the ability to sign the best offensive linemen and it’s probably an area Williams is not used to recruiting. The easy thing is to blame it all on former offensive line coach Tim Drevno.

I suspect another factor is the Air Raid offense. How does that prepare a lineman for the NFL? I can imagine other colleges point this out too. USC couldn’t beat out Stanford for offensive tackle Austin Uke on Wednesday. And Uke is from Texas, like all the USC coaches.

This shortcoming is really going to hurt USC the next 2-3 years as the offensive line continues to be an Achilles’ heel and some indifferent recruits are forced to play.

  • Lost amid the USC hype is that Oregon’s class was No. 3. So the Ducks didn’t fall apart with Williams’ departure, as some predicted.
  • I wonder if some USC coaches feel slighted in getting credit for some recruits? Who did Todd Orlando get? A year ago I would have guessed Vic So’oto would make more impact in recruiting. But he didn’t even benefit from Foreman’s signing because that was attributed to Williams.
  • Is USC drowning?

46 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Final Thoughts On Recruiting Class

  1. In my backyard I have a pellet smoker that will change a chunk of cow butt into smoked prime rib. The only problem is the cover. Whenever I use the smoker my wife’s dog has urinate on the cover. I tried setting it on lawn furniture and he climbed up and whizzed. I knocked it off of the planter, which is four feet off the ground, and through the doggie door came the dog. I don’t know what it is about the cover but it seems her dog thinks his mission in life is to wet the smoker cover.
    This is what comes to mind reading this morning’s buzz. Scott found USCs cover and he’s gotta whiz on it.
    Of course USC hyped themselves. What are they supposed to do? “We were good but couldn’t beat Stanford to a lineman, “ doesn’t ring like a press release.
    Are we drowning? Yes in Scotts rain. Get out the umbrellas it’s going to be a long off season.

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    1. Well, Scottie pointed out the biggest weakness in the class and it’s been a weakness for years. If you cannot effectively run the ball and stop people from killing you QB, you ain’t winning anything big.

      Didn’t Bama get 10 of the top 50 kids ? Tell me when Gomer does that.

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      1. This was the single highest rated class since ranking began, so I guess the answer would be NO ONE HAS EVER DONE IT BEFORE. Not osu, clemson, georgia, or even saban at bama.

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    2. There are just not too many 4 Star OL out West. 3 Star OL can make an impact and be great (Marcus Martin, Chad Wheeler – I know, but still- come to mind).

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    3. Well, RT, I was hoping to get invited to a BBQ and watch party at your home this coming season, but…..
      might have to pass, exploiting the pooch piss argument.

      Pre-Covid I didn’t think 2020 was gonna be our year (and I posted thusly).
      I thought 2021 was gonna be our year–with Slovis/Bru/the Drakes/Kyle and a second year for the D talent to learn TO’s system. I do think 2021 could be a better year, and a 10-2 season IS A STARTER. Anything less than 10-2, a win in the Pac 12 champ game, and a rousing bowl victory is not acceptable.


    4. I agree because he put a lot of the “extra” in it by saying USC Media/USC Fans were “gushing” over the recruiting class being #8.
      Now this tells me that Scott will say whatever he has to in the moment to rain on any parade big or small that is USC’s.
      I can honestly say that the USC Media/USC Fans weren’t overly excited or bragging for getting this player or that player like we have or will later. Nope. It was a mellow vibe all the way around this recruiting cycle. The celebration for landing the #1 player in the nation (#1 at the time) Korey Foreman was very brief and quick. Adoree Jackson’s signing day decision was 10 times bigger and the whole Trojan nation shouted for the satisfaction for days even weeks. But overhyping, celebrating or bragging is one thing USC Fans/Media did NOT do this year for recruiting. Clay Helton will do that to a program.
      Wolf tried to run up the score and got dropped trying do a Lorenzo Orr style dunk with this post because it’s not factual. I will call BS on this one!


  2. As long as Gomer and Opie are around USC isn’t going to attract any top OL and I suspect Opie will be the next head coach, so get used to USC sucking for a long time.

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  4. Even though sC failed in recruting oline and dline, my question is, how did Thug U aka ruinville aka ugly do in recruiting. There was nothing in the LA Times about uglie’s recruting.

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    1. Actually they did well for themselves. With 3 (1×4*, 2×3*) early entries and 14 (2×4* and 12×3*) commits they finished 29th nationally and 4th in the Pac12

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      1. Rivals has ucla at 31 and utah at 32, but utah had a better class with one more 4 star recruit:

        utah = 4×4* and 14×3*
        ucla = 3×4* and 14×3*

        Go figure…

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  5. UCLA’s 2021 FB class includes 5 good O/Linemen; two of the O/L recruits are good enough to start as freshmen.

    Kelly will improve the D/L via mature portal xfer’s.

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      1. Owns is more complicated than Hayley Mills in Pollyanna —he’s more like Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap —there’s the good Owns (Sharon) and the bad Owns (Susan)….

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      2. Michael, if we deconstruct owns into 2 personalities, I suggest:

        delusional owns: “Chip will have the bruins in position to compete for a natty in year 3”

        realistic owns: “No excuses for the bruin loss. Chip is an embarrassment. He should be fired”

        Medication recommendation, Michael?

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    1. Power football? Strong 0-line? Very old fashioned approach to football, my friend —it leaves you vulnerable to USC-style football — a couple long returns and some long bombs in the late 4th quarter……

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      1. UCLA did recruit 5 (five) good O/L prospects. Some thing SUCC FB failed to come close too but wishes it did.

        I do believe UCLA FB will be competing for a FB NC within 2 (two) years. Kelly is building a smash-mouth, rush the FB team using a variety of sets. As recently as 2 (two) years ago a UCLA RB ran for a record 281 yards vs the SUCC diaphanous defense.


    2. Decent RB’s + good OL’s+Chipper’s run O mentality means trouble for the Pac 12 DC’s. DTR and Felton could have a big 2021.


    1. As a diehard USC fan during this same time span, I can’t for the life of me see what is so “memorable” or “mad” about the Vol program…..

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      1. I’d like to see them Vols try to match us head to head for “madness”….

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      1. Look on the bright side…we could be Tennessee fans…playing ‘Bama, Georgia, Auburn every year. Of course if Clay was HC, he would have been long, long gone by now.

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  6. The problem at SC are not going to fixed by this recruiting class. Helton can’t win, any recruit who wants to go big, should avoid SC as long as Helton remains. I really hate writing these things, because I’m an alumnus and have a deep and abiding wish that SC would return to greatness. But the history that Helton has demonstrated should be obvious, and the kids shouldn’t have to suffer.

    I fear that no matter the ineptness that Helton demonstrates, his guardian angel, the Dolt, will not allow him to leave until SC athletics become so bad that they are eligible for ivy league status.

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      1. 2 pound box of 9 month old chocolates…[$3.99 Whitman’s Sampler]— with Toffee and Turkish Coffee fillings that are actually identical….

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  7. Yes, the hype around this recruiting class is over-done, but let’s celebrate that things are much better than in the recent past.

    The air raid offense is still a big problem. I think that Bohn is allowing Harrell to call the shots on the offensive side of the ball and go all-in on the air raid, or whatever kind of offense Harrell plans to deploy. So this is Harrell’s chance to either perform, or get fired, along with Helton. Sink or swim.

    I just wish we were playing more teams that are truly elite, so we could see if this USC team is elite. We have only one regular season game, Notre Dame, that comes close to a national power.

    The bar for performance needs to be total domination of the Pac-12. Every game should be a blow-out by half-time against Pac-12 opponents if we want to be able to compete with Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State. Barely squeeking out a win against Arizona or UCLA should be looked at as a loss, if our real goal is to win a national championship.

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    1. Agreed. Helton is one of the luckiest people in the business. Why doesn’t he just play PowerBall, win a $billion, and quit the SC job.That way everybody is happy.

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    2. Blow outs of Utah, Stanford and Arizona Sate by half time? I hate to see you setting yourself up for disappointment [although it IS possible we could be ahead by 17 points at the half and STILL end up winning those games by 3 points]….

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