USC Recruiting Tidbit

I’m hearing tonight that Mater Dei linebacker Raesjon Davis is headed to USC.

Davis was originally committed to LSU. If it happens, it will be interesting to see a linebacker sign with a school that doesn’t have a dedicated linebackers coach.

10 thoughts on “USC Recruiting Tidbit

  1. Can’t wait to see the BLVD hype clip when he signs. Helton will tell us it’s yet another sign that he’s got it turned around. The social media set will post their Kabooms and chastise those who’ve been calling for Clay’s ouster. And folks with a memory will remember a time when signings like this were expected. With Foreman, and now apparently Davis, I’m reminded that even a broken clock is right twice a day. Thing is people used to fix the fuckin’ clock. They didn’t sit at home waiting around to celebrate the two moments the hunk of junk was “right”.

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  2. Many of us talk about Clay being a less effective coach than… almost anyone you could think of, but Trojans are somehow able to recruit among the best — Donte is worth way more than his 7 figure salary.


  3. Anything to not give SC any love. What happened to the SW narrative that everything is better outside South LA? That Davis was leaving for Overrated Ed O’s Bayou Bengals because he was a real coach although he has done nothing and, aside from Joe Burrow falling in his lap, can’t win consistently. Helton or not, this is still the premiere football program out West and So Cal recruits want to be part of it.
    Stop sounding more and more like the bitter old man that you are becoming, Wolf.


    1. Now, now AO. Don’t you be berating Coach O. He’s got one more Naty as a HC than the last two maroons that led SC. Had he been HC at Troy, we would not have fallen to the present depths where SC is a joke. He brought in Joe Brady and let Aranda do his thing on D. This did not happen by mistake, Top programs lose their assistant coaches through promotions. SC fires them to protect Charlatan Clay, who I’m convinced has “pictures” of one of or all of Folt, Bohn, Nikias or Caruso.
      I have zero football coaching experience but I’m pretty sure that anyone could not do a worse job than Helton.


  4. Yeah, and three-four years from now, both of these kids are going to be kicking themselves in the ass when they’re not ready for the NFL because their talent hasn’t been developed.


  5. It normally takes a very good coach to turn things around in 3 years. Why is it takiong Helton more than 3 years to turn things around?


  6. It is the defensive staff that is recruiting at a high level, the offensive staff has failed on the o-line and running backs and to a lesser degree, receivers. Harrell is able to convince QBs to come to SC, Dart is a gem and Moss is good too.

    Bohn is the guy pulling all the strings and slowly making things better, but it would have been alot easier if he had hired a top head coach like UM.


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