A Sign Of Pac-12’s Predicament

Did you see Oregon State is going to renovate Reser Stadium, which will reduce seating from more than 45,000 to the mid-to-high 30,000 figure?

This is the way of the world, as USC went from 90,000 to 78,000 with the Coliseum. And it will make sense for Oregon State.

But the Pac-12 is a Power 5 Conference and now will have two stadiums under 40,000. Martin Stadium in Pullman, Wash., holds 32,952.

This is not a sign of being a power conference. It’s not going to scare the SEC.

And there’s really nothing that can be done about it.

17 thoughts on “A Sign Of Pac-12’s Predicament

  1. Several of the recent NFL stadiums are also built smaller. Idea is to provide a different game experience and to try to appeal to the younger demographic who is increasingly becoming less interested in sports, particularly football.

    But that said, there probably is something the Pac-12 can do about it. (1) Hire an effective commissioner, and (2) get the Trojans back to where they were before the craziness began 10 or so years ago.

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    1. Good point.

      I heard scaling down had to do with sell – outs.

      Stadiums weren’t getting as many sell – outs with higher capacities. So, in order to ensure sell – outs they went smaller which became easier to say a “house was full for the night.” Helped with contracts that had incentives if the stadium was sold out.

      And, with more luxury boxes being put in, the school/team wasn’t going to lose out on revenue by eliminating “cheap seats.”




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    2. USC being good isn’t going to put asses in seats in Corvallis or Pullman, never has, that’s why McKay threatened the PAC 8 with USC leaving unless they brought in UA & ASU.

      Oregon didn’t draw flies until Uncle Phil stepped in, UDUB has always drawn nice crowds, Stanford and Cal have never drawn well, UA & ASU used to draw well, not now and ucla has never drawn well. Utah is the only game in town and draws very well and Colorado is so so.

      Hell, even in their prime USC usually drew in the mid 50’s to lower 60’s; most games.

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      1. Despite a decent BB program and a long history with OreSU, perhaps it’s time to send the Beav’s on their way and pick up the BYU fighting LDSers.

        They could still play their “civil war” game with the Dux.

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    3. Kids are turning away from baseball in droves.

      Average cost of an NFL ticket is $151, that’s $600 plus for a family of four not counting parking, eating, not many people can do that 8 times a year,
      NBA $50
      MLB $35
      NHL $ 94

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      1. The main reason for smaller stadiums—-TV!!! Why do you think Jerry Jones installed those larger than life video boards!


  2. If WSU played in Spokane they could have 50-60 thousand and sell it out, but it would be tough for students to get there. Pullman is in the middle of nowhere.

    Also, I didn’t know the SEC had some agreement to come play games in Corvallis or Pullman. So being scared is irrelevant.


  3. The Solution: Rid the PAC 12 of underperforming assets and invite more powerful franchises into the conference. Utah and Colorado were bad bets- They don’t fit. They are mountain conferences playing at altitude which is difficult to adjust to on a one day arrival. Oxygen is scarce, and it is more difficult to play in the cold at altitude. Re-structure the conference to maximize the benefits, not the costs. Smart business.

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    1. As a Colorado resident for 32 years and CU buff fan from 1970’s to 2011….

      I have to agree Joan. Nevertheless, Utah has done well in the Pac 12. CU
      is shambolic, but it’s a nice visit for Californians if Larry Scott’s replacement books the game on a Fall. Saturday afternoon.

      Get rid of OSU, and bring in some teams from Texas.

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    2. USC needs to seriously get involved in demanding some changes to the Pac-12, or get out and be independent. Can you imagine how weak the Pac-12 would be without USC?


  4. So they’re reducing capacity but are they raising ticket prices?
    If not, then somebody better downgrade their business school or economics/finance departments.
    If so, then can/will the market pay for the perceived increase in value?


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