Can USC Offense Go Under Center?

New USC offensive line coach Clay McGuire said today “there is a time and place” for snapping the ball under center in the Air Raid offense.

This is encouraging but it doesn’t mean anything until Graham Harrell makes the same comment or if USC actually practices it during spring football.

Maybe McGuire can change Harrell’s mind. Someone needs to.

27 thoughts on “Can USC Offense Go Under Center?

      1. The only thing that I care about is tomorrow night- period! I’m hoping that Enfield has the teams pulse & it’s set to explode tomorrow. Cronin is 0-2 against USC/ Evan Mobley needs to demonstrate that this rivalry is another year for a USC sweep. Who cares about football? Head loser ( Qb coach from Arkansas State) offensive coordinator/ offensive line coach from North Texas. Guys- taking away first place from ugly in basketball is truly huge- ( win puts us in the Tournament.) if we get lucky in football our record will be 9-3 / however 8-4 is more likely no matter what is reported until season starts. ( loses include Notre Dame, Oregon, Arizona State) the 4th loss will be either BYU/ Washington/ UCLA- any takers? I want all to know that the greatest sound in the world is hearing “ CONQUEST “ 1) at Pauley 1a) Galen Center. I strongly believe that tomorrow is the barometer test for Enfield Go Trojans Basketball & fuck usc football until a new head coach is named!


    1. Ha!
      Harrell and Clay look at it this way — “We want everything as simple as possible, going under center complicates things for the players up front — and we don’t trust our players enough to make this simple change……”

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      1. OL are some of the most astute football players, MG- generally speaking. Good OL know that they have two advantages: One, they know the snap count. Two, they know if the play is a run or pass or an RPO. In an Air Raid scheme, or a wishbone/ option, DL know what is coming and thus nullifying the OL’s advantage.
        You would think that an OL would prefer to have as many advantages as possible.

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      2. Helton has flipped on philosophy before: I want to run the ball like Stanford comes to mind. Maybe Clueless will come around and snap the ball under center. Weirder things have happened. Then we can move onto other reasons for why he should be fired.

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    1. Good for McNair – the NCAA is almost as corrupt as was ucla’s Sam “The Fixer” Gilbert:

      “We should have lost about 8 national championships and been on probation for about 100 years” – Bill Walton

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    2. That is great news. McNair was, in effect, denied basic constitutional rights during the NCAA’s witch hunt against all things USC. I say “in effect” cuz strictly speaking the NCAA didn’t have to afford the same rights as the government (e.g., the right to cross examine the witnesses against you)…. but I have a feeling that —if the case against you is tainted by the amount of bad faith brought to bear against McNair —- some legal remedy HAS to be recognized…..

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      1. Funny.

        From the guy who says the “wife beaters” enabler who had over 40 of his kids from a single team arrested including 1 convicted of murder, should be forgiven.

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      2. You’ve been looking at the resume Urban secretly submitted to President Folt again haven’t you?

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      3. Did you ever see the Project Veritas video made by some of his disgruntled players? I’m not sure that when I look at all the dirt that’s been piled at his feet, I can ever remember another coach with that resume…Art Briles maybe?

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      4. Uh huh, you’ve been loud and proud in favor of his hire…and the funny thing is I don’t care if he’s hired or not. But terrorizing his kids and wife wasn’t abuse enough for you to call him an asshole like you did McNair.
        You’re transparent.

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