USC Picture Of The Night

I finally found an action shot of Mike Henry. Here he is blocking a punt that C.R. Roberts recovered and scored a TD in USC’s 20-7 victory over Cal in 1956.

17 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Night

    1. Of that total Pisley, how many were winners; how many were losers and how many were just sitting on the end of the bench?

      Ironically or better yet, laughably, in 55 SB’s not one former bozo QB has started a SB game as the principal SB team QB.


      1. And it was a great Double Victory, 67….. The Bucs kicked ass in the Super Bowl ….And….. I had performed a Virtual Blood Brother Ritual in his honor……

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      2. Michael, owns needs to learn how to live. He’s spent too many years hoping against hope for gutty victories and always being disappointed.

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      3. sow wannabe, owns hanging his hat on a transfer student who couldn’t get his job back at OK. So the sow had 1 Super Bowl MVP, while the Trojans boast 3, including one this decade.

        Don’t worry little buddy, I’ve ordered you a truckload of hay so you can keep grasping at straws while you try to keep the sow relevant.
        owns still trying to make silk purses out of a sows ear.💋

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      4. Yes, more joy in Owns’ life— that’s the ticket! I only wish Mary Poppins had appeared to the young Owns and sung her favorite little ditty, “…To every job that must be done, there is an element of fun!”….

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      5. Just Rent, You have had Troy Aikman, Billy Kilmer, Jay Schroader, and Maddox either start or play in a Super bowl. SC has had Pat Haden, Rob Hertel, Rodney Peete, and Pete Bethard in Super Bowl games. So SC has had qbs’s at the Super Bowl.

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  1. Welcome to Heltons BLVD Trojans… in real life we won’t run the ball. On the internet we’ll make it seem like the running back was Trojan Made. Success by association eh, Clay?

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