Sunday Buzz: Pick The Super Bowl Score

It’s Super Sunday!

Brady vs. Mahomes! The Goat vs. the Baby Goat.

OK, enough. I’m taking Kansas City, 35-28.

Who do you got?

41 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: Pick The Super Bowl Score

  1. Great job covering the game last night, Scott. You’re the best Trojan reporter I ever saw. Bet you were born in the 60s, educated at ole USC in the 80s. 2021 strong…..God bless you. Enjoy the game. You earn it.

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  2. Who ever has the better defense will win this. They both have great defenses but the passing game on both teams is exceptional. The dbs for both teams will have to play in order for their team to win. Mahomes is more mobile and that can create trouble for tampa’s dbs. I agree with Wolf, a score around the 30’s in favor of the chiefs to tampa’s high 20’s. Score 35-31 Chiefs.

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  3. Can’t disagree with any of the scores above. I’ll go with the young goat over the old goat, 34-31, KC, but would love to see the geezer win one more.

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  4. But kids in CA still can’t play, is it a union issue or medical issue?

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      1. BTW The US just passed 27 Million cases, With such high numbers, the virus has a chance to mutate even more with one of those variants potentially being more contagious and or deadly. As far as the death rate, it isn’t the only complication from the virus as people who have had COVID months ago and have recovered, still have lung, heart, or even mental problems.

        # Imusthavecaughtitcausei’mmentallychallenged


      1. 1 in 4 teachers have a pre-existing medical condition and teachers are quickly becoming a profession with a lot of older teachers ( I am one of the younger teachers at my elementary and I’m 48 with 20 years experience) In LA County, the numbers have not reached levels that are safe (forgot what the infection rate has to be). Lastly, LAUSD is approximately 78% Latino and a large majority of Latinos in LA are essential workers that work in factories, retail, fast food and the food industry. COVID spread in Latino communities is substantially higher because of this and vaccination rates are lower in the Latino community.

        I am glad that my White brothers on this blog get to work from home and that COVID spread isn’t as widespread in white communities. I am grateful for working from home myself. A number of my students have lost someone to COVID and a number of them live with grandparents because it is so freakin expensive here. I wish there were a way that football could be played in your area or in your private schools, but at least here in
        LA County where Latinos are hesitant to even get tested, opening up schools isn’t going to happen soon.

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  5. Anyone remember the old McDonnell-Douglas sports radio show on 710 am?
    I remember Joe McDonnell giving his prediction for the Angels/Giants world series.
    He said, “The team that scores the most points will win.”
    I predict the team that scores the most points will win.

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      1. It’s now time for Owns and me to meet on the beach in front of Mama’s Restaurant, take out our Swiss Army knives, slice our pointer fingers, press them together and become blood brothers…..

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  6. Wolf man

    It is just not your weekend.
    USC B-ball annihilates the winless Cro Bruins.
    And now, TB wins the Super Bowl.
    Stick to your day job, whatever it is.

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    1. KC played without its starting two Tackles and the Bucs D harassed Mahomes all night. Great article on how this game will help someone like AV Tucker because of his ability to play both G and T. I know some people here were down on AVT for how he played against Thibodeaux of Oregon, but AVT was DOUBTFUL for the game because of hammy issues and still played. A healthy AVT would have played Thibodeaux much better, Guy’s a Warrior.


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