USC 66, UCLA 48

Ethan Anderson scored 19 points and made 5 shots from 3-point range as USC breezed past UCLA, 66-48, at the Galen Center. Tahj Eaddy was the only other Trojan in double figures with 16 points.

Evan Mobley took only six shots and had nine points along with nine rebounds.

UCLA did not have post players Jalen Hill and Cody Riley. Freshman center Mac Etienne played 27 minutes in his college debut.

46 thoughts on “USC 66, UCLA 48

      1. Trojans went into the game as the 6th best shooting percentage defense in the nation. This bodes well for tournament play because defense travels and keeps teams in games until their shooting comes around…

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      2. 16% gutty shooting on 3s…not exactly a winning strategy in today’s game. They were ranked #21 before the game purely on their name. ucla’s RPI was 99th, indicating a really weak schedule.

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      3. Having Mobley Bros under the basket really frees the guards up to run the shooters off their spots. This was their weakness in their loss to Uconn.

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      4. Exactly right. If the jump shot is on, they will be a very difficult team to beat for anyone. They played great defense in the UConn game ( as they have the entire season) but they couldn’t hit shots and made way too many cheap TOs against UConn.

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      5. The more I think about it, the U Conn game was a positive indicator. Off night for us versus a solid team….. and we didn’t fold….Looking back, it was a sign this Trojan team had potential to do big things….

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      6. That’s the way I saw it at the time…and remember, although no a home game for Uconn, it was like us playing at Staples Center…

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      7. Not to drag up bad memories but it was the kind of game I was hoping our football team could play back in ’18 against Texas…. I saw that Texas was a bit better than we were but I was hoping we’d stay in the fight …and lose by 3 instead of 23……

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  1. The Bruins double and triple teamed Mobley and made a concerted effort to neutralize him which, in turn, opened up the floor for players like Ethan Anderson. Guard play will determine how far the Trojans go in the tourney even though most teams won’t be able to match their front court.
    I’d like to see Enfield employ more lob plays near the basket and let Evan go up, get them and throw them down. Evan will have to develop a better jump shot if he wants to do well in the pros.

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  2. UCLA is the worst 22nd ranked team in the history of sports. USC should crack the T25..
    On another note, I was very impressed with the students who spoke on behalf of the PAC12. The CA schools along with UW make the conference perhaps the most elite conference academic- wise in the country outside of the IVY League.

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  3. I wonder if Own’s watched the game or was he busy building a shelf for the National Championship trophy. That or helping Chip “Road Grader” Kelly toughen up the boys for next season.

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    1. In case owns thinks the sow is in a first place tie, here’s a peak at the standings…with editorial comment.

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      1. Pisley both SUCC and UCLA are 9 – 2 in the Pac-12 conf.; hence, both teams are in first place.

        Just because UCLA had its butt kicked last night, it doesn’t change the 1st place tie because you re-tweet some BS, ancillary opinionated, Clown U love.

        There’s still many games to go till the Pac-12 regular season concludes.


      2. So if I posted the Pac12’s own standings ….nah if you put lipstick on a pig, it’d still be a sow.
        Only one team has a victory over the other, ONLY 1. If the conference schedule ended TODAY, we have the conference title and ALL (seeding/trophies/conference recognition) that goes with it. But in your little sow wannabe AYSO world of “everyone wins” and nobody get to make your owns sow rules. I guess what I’m trying to say is “F’ off‼️“…

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      3. owns, what is up with 16% 3s shooting by bruins? The Trojans do have an excellent defense, but if ucla doesn’t improve on that, it will be a long conference season for them.

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      4. Owns —As much as I admire your grit, I think you wanna concede to Pudly on this one. Going with UCLA is like going with Connor McGregor at this point…..

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  4. The sweetest thing of all? Finding USC’ S staff writer on the front page of the local paper sports section on Super Bowl Sunday.
    I don’t read Ucla news very often, but when I do it’s on page eight above the obituary for their football team.

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    1. I like the bruin headline for last night’s game: “Bruins trip against Southern California.” Yeah….

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  5. LOL Pisley. The season’s not ending today stupid dipsh*t. There still 8 games on SUCC’s BB schedule, 5 (five) of which, are away.

    And unless Andyain’twinningorplaying pulls his fake CV-10 positive test BS, SUCC still has to come to Pauley for its last regular Pac-12 season game 3/6. The Bruins will be there, but will Andyain’twinning be there?

    UCLA lost last night’s game – that’s not whining, it’s just a fact.

    Nobody whines like a loser/SUCCer Clownster like yourself Pisley.


    1. Hahahahaha….sour pusss!!!

      Check the standings. Not mine the leagues.

      Not matter how much you cry wolf, your sow is no longer in first place. Period. Does that mean they won’t have their chance to better or worsen their situation, of course not. I figure the sow will lose a couple more games yet. And lest you wonder, it is the sow who is 3-3 on the road while the Trojans sport a healthy 4-1 record.

      Nellie’s swamp needs an upgrade anyway, we walloped you guys there last year, why do you think this group will turn it around?? The crowd?

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      1. Just who do you think you’re fooling with this “league standings” stuff? The REAL standings…..the DEFINITIVE standings…. are Owns’ standings…..

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  6. I was waking up Manhattan, if anyone sleeps.

    #1 SC has size, the tallest team in the NCAA this season, but height with athleticism and a good deal of shooting and ball handling skill.

    #2 SC has the requisite quick explosive small guards as well, who have come back into importance. As long as they are healthy and shooting well that matters.

    #3 I get that UCLA was down two key starters, inside players. But it wasn’t like their backups were chumps- they may have fought harder than the starters in denying SC’s big men the ball and keeping them out of scoring. That made both teams have to become better which will serve them.

    I usually talk about when the P12 is overrated, and that has been borne out. But here, this season, the P12 is way underrated among the top teams. Enfield has squandered a lot of talent that being at SC has afforded him… but I think as a young coach he’s also learned, improved- and with one-and-done and transferring, his simpler style and his preference for length, athleticism work more. The coaching itself has improved a little– the ball movement is better for one. This year he has the best player in the country and at least a top 5 line up. With the meltdown with NCAA blue bloods this is THE year for a run to a NC, the only thing that has eluded USC Hoops.

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    1. A run in the NCAA tourney would be great but there obstacles to overcome: First, your best player is True Freshman. Upperclassman and experience are invaluable in tournament play. Two, your best player is a C and not a guard. Guards are everything in today’s game. Three, do they have the confidence to go far? Changing history can be daunting and self doubt kills.

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      1. There are indications that past will not be prelude for this team…..


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