USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Ronald Jones

How long will it be before another USC tailback wins a Super Bowl based on the Air Raid’s de-emphasizing of the tailback position?

Todd McNair

He gets to be on a Super Bowl-winning staff and gets a new court hearing. Quite a comeback.

USC basketball

Should be in the top 25 today. This will rankle some fans but USC has had great luck facing teams (Arizona State, Stanford, UCLA) missing key players this season.

Chase McGrath

The former USC kicker will get to experience kicking in the SEC after he transferred to Tennessee.


Recruiting rankings

USC’s No. 8-ranked class was viewed as a big win last week. In other years, it would have been business as usual.

Eric Bienemy

Maybe he would have been better off taking the Colorado job last year.

Galen Center

Does there need to be a DJ at a game with no fans?

USC men’s water polo

The Trojans are ranked No. 2 nationally but have a 2-4 record. Blame COVID-19.

52 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Seems silly to call Ronald Jones II a winner after he fails to score a 4th down TD from the 1 yd. line. From where I sat, Jones’ 1 yd. plunge looked like it had the kinetic energy of a 5 year old swinging a feather pillow.


    1. If only he had some Chip “10-21” Kelly toughness. Tic Tic counting down the minutes for the National Championship trophy. Ding goes the Victory Bell.

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      1. When you denigrate the host, it’s customary not to show up at their house the next day and eat from their table, especially when you come empty handed day after day.

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      2. Unless, of course, if you apologize. Something like this: Dear Scott, I’m sorry for being overly disrespectful. Thank’s for the vine.

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      3. I believe I addressed your concern, Mrs. Helton, with the phrase, “overly disrespectful”, kinda like your husband’s pricey coaching performance the last many years. When will it end?


      4. Scott puts out USC material 7 days a week, including holidays, year after year, decade after decade, for free. Somewhere in there a reporter can be found. Not sure I could honestly say that about Clay’s coaching career, especially when he’s “canning” everyone around him, quite frequently.

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      5. Your childish BS, off-points aside, Jones’ failed to get the TD twice AH. Kelly wasn’t at the SB, Jones’ was.

        SUCC BS motto: Any team, anytime, anywhere….LFOL


      1. The Bruins lost. What’s you point.

        Rivalry all-time BB victories:

        UCLA: 140 – SUCC: 110

        SUCC ooooooooooooo forever and proud of it.


      2. I never thought I’d have to say this…but…. I’m so embarrassed for bruin basketball…..


    2. owns, c’mon now, your whining has gotten to the point that IF there was a moderator, you’d get booted, just like what happened to you at the bruin sites. You need to deliver more than this.

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      1. ’67, you whine incessantly (24/7) about Coach Helton. You whine incessantly about Ms. Folt and the Boner. You whine when SUCC wins and whine louder when SUCC loses.

        ’67 you fit Einstein’s definition of insanity.


      2. owns, virtually everyone here critiques folt, bohn, and helton on the basis of facts. Factually-based critiques. Whining? Not based on any reasonable definition of the term.

        And BTW, you criticize chip, mora, alford here over the years on the basis of facts. I wouldn’t call that whining. But if you want to lump yourself into that category, be my guest.

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      1. Yes, the ranking is great and all (I always said we were better than Wisconsin)…… the only sad part is that we did this at the expense of our bruin friends….

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      2. Like a rock… and we’re doin well in the all important NET rankings used for seeding teams in the tournament…

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      1. In non murder cases it’s called the “irrational good faith belief” defense. It’s the one Comey will use if they ever charge him with fraud on FISA court [“I’m sorry. I put ALL my faith in completely hallow intelligence data. I guess I’m just guilty of being too trusting. I hope that’s enough to cancel out the ‘corrupt intent’ requirement, your honor”]…….

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      1. Yeah scouting, often overlooked part of recruiting, teaching and physical development are critical when choosing kids for the OL…that’s why you see schools like bama, osu, lsu and clemson have such large support staffs assisting coaches in finding so many kids. And even then so many fall through the cracks.

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      2. Now a Kansas City player is gonna try to take some of the shine off Brady by hinting that he said something unrepeatable during the game…..

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      3. Don’t think this was the “holier than thou” bowl was it..people talk shit all the time, especially geeked up high level athletes. If I remember watching, it was a KC player who approached him first and gave Brady an earful.

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      4. Coaching does matter, MG. I wouldn’t say that it is the driving force behind a player’s development, however. Ambition, drive, patience, growth spurts, and luck ( being at the right place at the right time and not getting injured).

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      5. Agreed. [The ‘luck’ and ‘being in the right place at the right time’ thing really plays out in business, legal, entertainment and political spheres…. maybe even more than drive or talent]…..

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    1. Amazing that more DEs don’t crash into one another like that Bird guy from the Jets a few years ago. These guys are 6’4- 6’6 run in the 4.7 forty range and are absolute human specimens.

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  2. Okay. There you are, Joan. You wanted to know how Scott would treat our great incoming class & the big basketball victory? Well, now you know…..

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  3. Business as usual? I don’t remember worrying about the ranking of incoming freshmen at USC. I do remember true freshmen rarely playing their first year in school and not looking to transfer. This star system evolved from people wanting to sell magazines like super prep. Before that,USC found its own talent and developed it in house.
    I thought the idea of bringing in another Texan as a line coach was to cobble a running game into the air raid offense. Instead of air raid we’re supposed to be bombing run right?

    What is Scott going to do if Helton puts together a team to make a run at the National Championship?

    I’ll answer that; he’ll roll over and go back to sleep realizing it was a bad dream.
    Helton is like the broken watches I keep in my nightstand drawer. His hands don’t move but I keep it because it’s right twice a day. Or, even with new batteries it just blinks zeros across the face and nothing I do can reset it.

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