Offensive Line Trend Continues

Jake Taylor, a four-star offensive lineman from Las Vegas, announced his final three choices today: Alabama, Notre Dame and Oklahoma.

He was one of USC’s top offensive line recruiting targets. Again, did he want to block in the Air Raid scheme? Or did he just desire a marquee program?

12 thoughts on “Offensive Line Trend Continues

    1. I’m shocked that you are truly in denial. I’m sorry but I cannot subscribe to false hope. The new offensive line coach is from North Texas with a running backs coach from Bowling Green,with a Moron from Arkansas State. The limitations are substantial- 3/4 losses are in order For 2021. The only reason I’m going to look forward to the 2021 football season is my date with Michael Guarino. I’m contemplating hiring a plane with a banner stating “THANKS ENFIELD “. #YesiminMGinnercircle#MG&Bobbyaretogetheragain #Pudley’spostsare Awesome #Michaelmayhavecompetition.

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  1. Your dreaming the offensive line will get better have you been listening to the use car sales podcasts from Mike Bone, and Clay Helton. Are you then saying the running game will also improve based on all the offensive line coaches we have fired in the last few years, and now we have found a soluton in the newest coach we have hired who came to USC after coaching for Mike Leach at Washington State who had no running game at all in this silly air raid offense we run which is really for non-contact junior high school programs. Statistics don’t lie USC has evolved into the worst running game team in the conference over the last 3 years under Sir Air Head Graham Harrell, and the Prince of Bel Air- Gomer Pyle. Yes, the running game will improve when we get rid of both Helton and Harrell. It cannot go anywhere but up from here when USC abandons the air raid hopefully after next season unless of course Bonehead promotes Sir Air Head Graham Harrell to be our next coach which is another disaster in itself.

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  2. Just a short while back USC finally replaced their offensive line coach with the only guy in the nation with a worse record than Westwood college. Then they put lipstick on the pig because he has familiarity with the air raid system.
    Now USC is wondering why recruits don’t want to work for a guy whose street cred, is tantamount to folding jock straps for the team laundry.
    He needs to step up and build his current group into a force before anyone looks seriously at coming to USC. Why would anyone want to pass block all game long?

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  3. Nothing has or will change from ‘shells, shorts and fresh legs…helltons ideas on how to improve blocking and tackling…no top linemen and no real top running backs for sc…this passing system might work with a real dual threat q/b and 2 back offense…but our q/b will not run philosophy and 1 guy back field??? why don’t they just give the playbook to opposition??? literally forget about sc for at least another year or two,maybe longer.


  4. The only way SC gets those linemen is by showing that they are committed to run the ball around 35-40 times a game and showing physical prowess against the opponent. Harrel’s offense is for teams that can’t hang with the big boys. My question is has SC fallen to to the level of trying to hang with the big boys or are they still a power house team? My guess is tha they have fallen to the level of Ark. St. North Texas St., and any of the other teams that run that offense.


  5. SUCCster’s, why doesn’t bozo FB take the Andyain’twinning recruiting approach and employ Taylor’s Ta-Ta as an asst. coach – it’s a bozo Win-Winner.


  6. SC is going to be a real contrast this year. On one side of the field, TO and his staff are going to improve the defense significantly. given the weak schedule of SC, they might win a majority of games simply based on the defense.

    on the offensive side of the ball, they still have enough firepower that the team will probably be able to put up some points against weak teams. but against Notre Dame, it is my guess that the offense will struggle significantly.

    SC should not compare our results against other teams in the Pac-12, we should compare against the top 4 programs in the country – Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Georgia. If we cant compete head to head with those 4, then we need a new head coach, and a new OC. End of story.

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    1. LOL, mentioning Clown U FB in the same sentence with Alabama, Ohio St., Clemson, and Georgia FB programs is simply asinine.

      The bozos had a chance for a decent Bowl Bid but pussed out after their ugly defeat by Oregon 3-3, in the Pac-12 Championship, at HOME in the Crumbling Mausoleum.

      SUCC, the FB team up for any team, anytime, anywhere. What a load of two-bit FB BS.


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