Would There A Place For A Great USC Tailback Today?

I always feel like Clarence Davis is an underappreciated player at USC. He gained 1,377 yards in 1969 and 1,175 in 1970.

I mention him today because I wonder if a player like Davis would have a place at USC today?

He certainly would not have gained as many yards today. USC might not have even wanted him. Who knows?

All I know is the days of Tailback U. appear to be gone.

12 thoughts on “Would There A Place For A Great USC Tailback Today?

  1. If i’m a tailback I’m heading straight for UCLA and play for Chip “road grader” Kelly. #ownsknowsit By the way #17 and climbing. Thanks Enfield!

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    1. Oh yeah. Keep the other team’s offense off the field and eat up the clock. Seventeen, eighteen play drives physically drain even the best team defense.

      #Just run baby; move those chains.


  2. Clarence Davis is as good, and maybe even better, than some of the other TB’s who made up Tailback U.

    Draw a straight line from Willie Brown during the early sixties and next you get Garrett, Simpson, A.D., Ricky Bell, Charlie White and Marcus Allen. Clarence Davis is part of the lineage (between Simpson and A.D.) but gets lost because everyone else on the list has Heismans, national titles and epic N.D. and bowl game victories.




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  3. It appears stats are more important now than touchdowns to Harrell, and Uncle Fester-Clay Helton. . The game has changed yes, but any coach with any brains knows moving the chains, running the ball. and time of possession keeps the other teams offense off the field while wearing down their defense. Our coaching staff thinks we are competing in the summer passing leagues rather playing real football on Saturday. Former USC Coach Ted Tollner also ran a gimmick offense with no running game, and was justly fired, but USC still retains Helton and turns it back on what really built USC football. No running back or offensive lineman in their right mind would now come to USC.

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    1. Hey Tom Tom. , Alabama throws way more passes than in
      the past few years. Look at all the yardage gained by Mac
      Jones in 2020 .Who won the Heisman Trophy, the top
      receiver in the country playing for Roll Tide. Norm Chow
      used the pass for short yardage gains instead of the run.
      The only way USC came back to win three in the last minute
      was due to the pass. Sure better linemen needed and the
      play calling has no real creativity which are the main factors.
      Defense has been mediocre overall especially the secondary
      except for Hufanga. Times they are a changing!


  4. Gomer He’ll Ton is the PROBLEM … it is Time to Have a Go Fund Me web site’ to Get the the MONEY to FIRE Gomer claydo HE’LL Ton. .. AND Lynn Swann should be Donating the Most Money….


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