USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Tahj Eaddy

A year ago he was playing at Santa Clara. Now he’s scoring 29 points for USC vs. Washington State.

Steve Sarkisian

The new Texas coach rolls into Southern California and gets QB Maalik Murphy from Gardena Serra to commit to the Longhorns. Already earning that $5.2 million!

USC men’s volleyball

First win over UCLA in Pauley Pavilion since 2014.

Connor Murphy

The former USC defensive end has transferred to UNLV.


Coach Bohn

His women’s volleyball hire is 1-5. His swim hire just lost to UCLA for the first time in 13 years. At least they can only go up from here.

Rick Caruso and Carol Folt

They want to sell the presidential estate in San Marino, gifted to USC by Seeley G. Mudd, for $24.5 million. Another tradition out the window.

But Folt couldn’t go hiking above the Santa Monica Bay if she lived in San Marino.

USC women’s volleyball

The Trojans are 1-5 start after getting swept by Utah!?!? Worst start since 1986.

Recruiting tales

I addressed this nonsense on Sunday.

29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. I think the above photo of President Folt proudly pointing to where she buried the bodies of USC donors who lobbied for Presidential pardons is disgusting….

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      1. It is an airborne virus MG it could be ANYWHERE !!!! Wonder why Folt the Dolt doesn’t have an eye shield on as well, not like your eyes aren’t vulnerable. And no surgical gloves ? THE HORROR !!!

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      2. Thanks, for the health update, karma! It looks like Folt took a big chance practicing hiking in the mountains during the daytime.

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    1. The comments fall into 2 distinct categories: (1) Folt: Tell Helton to take a hike, (2) Folt: You’re a sanctimonious fraud…

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    1. The AP Poll is gonna look foolish if the USC winning streak continues….

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      1. As usual MG, Dear Pisley, the re-tweet queen, has his pinhead up his kazoo over SUCC BB’s #17 ranking.

        There are no other Pac-12 teams ranked in the top 25 (i.e. the cupcake conf.), against whom, the bozo’s have earned their, flash in the pan, ranking.

        To date MG, Clown U BB has not played a game against a top 25 team (with the exception of the then weak UCLA team, now out of the AP 25).

        Time and again, Andyain’twinning feasts on cupcakes, and then stumbles horrendously vs tournament teams. That’s the reason Andyain’twinning has so many “ONE and DONE” loses in big boy tournaments.

        Lest you forget MG, the CBB season is a quest for the NCAA BB NC, not the easy mugging of undermanned, cupcake Pac-12 teams.


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      2. Phunnie sow wannabe…. the Pac12 was tough enough to hand your boys their lunches, and then some. You were the cock of the walk up till a couple weeks ago, now you’re just a c**k.
        Excuses, excuses. Now let me see, weak Pac12 but sow can’t keep pace…hmmm. How do you spell irrelevant?


      3. The time is fast approaching when we’ll both find out if USC is for real this year.
        P. S.
        Congrats to UCLA’s swim team! They earned it.
        P. P. S.
        Admit it: Pudly is your hero.


      1. So that’s where the “Stanford of the West” thing comes from…


  2. Hardly ever see the final race determine the outcome of a dual meet… especially one so closely contested.

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    1. Doo Dah, Doo Dah. Isn’t UCLA victory sweet?

      Can’ wait for the women’s rivalry Softball game and Gymnastics meeting.

      Pisley, aren’t both SUCC teams highly ranked?



      1. Must be fun bragging about all those teams that you can’t afford to pay for..sow athletics, will they run another $20+M in the hole?

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      2. I’ve been reading stuff about UCLA having to forfeit all remaining meets and games due to taxpayer suits alleging embezzlement of athletic funds by administrators seeking to pay off underage “dates”…..

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  3. Dear Pisley, you f**king silly half-wit, we don’t know how large SUCC’s Athletic depts. financial debt is ’cause 3rd rate private colleges like Clown U don’t have to publish their losses – it’s a secret.

    SUCC’s too pussy to publish it’s accrued, 2020 losses.

    As a comparison with the $21 million and change UCLA lost in 2020; Ohio St., in 2020, lost $104 million.

    BTW Pisley, you lickspittle, bozo sign twirler, I’m not the one that disappears down a gopher hole for weeks after a humiliating Clown U loss.

    Win or lose Pisley, I man-up and take my blog lumps along with savoring my SUCC schadenfreude.

    Pisley, does the UCLA softball team have chance of defeating the Clown U softball team?


    1. Ahh, can’t find you’re wallet again? We pay our own way. When the ruins pay their way, then you can talk.
      Why not add another team to the department, it’s free isn’t it??



      1. #cheap,cheap,cheap

        Pisley, “Is it true,” that SUCC is petitioning the NCAA to sanction a Div. 1 men’s and women’s indoor dart competition.

        What next Pisley, SUCC Co-Ed penny pitching competition teams or how about a Clown U favorite: a capture the greased pig competition?

        You love grease (waste auto oil) sports eh Pisley; you love the thrill of rubbing grease all over yourself and then pretend to you don’t want to be caught? Tickle, tickle, eh Pisley.


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