USC Sunday Buzz: Tales Of The Unbelievable

About two weeks ago, Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports wrote an interesting article about USC recruiting.

The thing that caught my eye was how USC coaches told Dodd only Clay Helton knew Korey Foreman had committed in mid-December because Foreman wanted to keep it a secret until his official announcement on Jan. 2.

Dodd even wrote that super-recruiter Donte Williams “was climbing the walls” waiting to find out Foreman’s decision. Dodd also said defensive coordinator Todd Orlando and defensive line coach Vic So’oto did not know either.

This means Foreman signed his letter of intent in mid-December without the knowledge of the USC coaching staff other than Helton and some support staff? And it was not divulged inside the McKay Center for the next 16 days?

I find this utterly unbelievable.

First off, everyone knew in the recruiting world knew Foreman was going to USC but didn’t want to say it because it might spoil his announcement. So Williams and Co. didn’t really need to ask because they already knew too. Williams was also the USC coach closest to Foreman, which makes it even less plausible.

Check my blog on Dec. 16. I wrote USC fans would be “ecstatic” about Foreman’s decision. I texted a USC coach, who told me Foreman committed/signed with the Trojans. So I knew but Williams, Orlando and So’oto did not? Yeah, right!

None of them knew the No. 3-ranked recruit in the nation signed with USC? C’mon.

So what’s the end game with this nonsense?

I’m guessing it’s all about indulging a recruit who did not want them to know and they are now perpetuating the story during interviews. They want Foreman (and future recruits) to know they will play whatever games are necessary for a signature on a letter of intent.

That’s fine but we’re not falling for it.

29 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Tales Of The Unbelievable

  1. That’s all it was Wolf. To make Foreman feel as if USC kept it a secret. Foreman definitely told Williams without telling Williams so I’m sure Williams passed it along to staff telling them without telling them. You dig?
    I honestly don’t think Helton was the first to know but he was probably told that by Foreman. They did a good job by not running their mouths because that’s the reason that USC lost DeSean Jackson years ago. Allegedly he committed to Carroll and Telford but wasn’t happy when reports started saying USC got his committed
    before signing day. I believe Carroll ran his mouth and we lost a 5-Star from Long Beach Poly either way he never beat USC and Terrell Thomas was a big reason. I’m sure he loved that decision even after those games. Haa!


    1. Question for Sam: Which USC defensive back gave DeSean a concussion on Cal’s first offensive play of the game? Was it Taylor Mays? All I can remember is Jackson being escorted from the field….and not coming back.

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      1. Mike I don’t know because honestly I don’t remember that. If I had to guess I would Terrell Thomas, Taylor Mays or Kevin Ellison. They could all bring it.

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    1. I agree Tim. Who cares? The real topic for Wolf’s rant should be, “Where are the 4 & 5 star offensive linemen?” It’s the reason we have had to go to Opie’s Run & Shoot offense, why JT was a Chuck and Duck QB at USC, and why 2 QBs have had serious injuries in the last 2 years. And please do not mention the 2 linemen that are recent 1st rounders, because what good is an offensive line if only 1 of the linemen is a stud and the other 4 are not up to snuff.

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      1. Yeah –ask the USC QB’s who’ve been carted off the field: Which would you prefer —one of your departing lineman being a first rounder? Or an o-line that works on game day?

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  2. It seems to me that the more overrated a player is, the more whipped cream he wants on his sundae. And unfortunately quite often they are a complete waste of scholarship. We have had some duds in recent years. Just think of what’s his name and who’s its for example.
    I could go on but why?

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    1. Rialto! You’ve just written the definitive history of “The Helton Years.”
      P. S.
      Where are gt, 67 and Arturo on this fine Sunday morning?

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      1. Thank You for leaving me off your list especially on Valentines Day- I am truly hurt. I’m going to cry until my princess wakes up on Sunday afternoon. Michael we have had history for years and not to be mentioned- it’s Heltonism through osmosis I am scared Don’t tell my son I’m tired of giving him $ (Dollar bills) I guess the only reason for being left off is to say “THANKS ENFIELD “. # be likeMGaheartlesstrojanfootballfan

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      2. Bobby — This is one of those rare Valentine’s Days where I’ve forgotten to express my feelings to those I love most: my wife…. and you, Bobby.
        Let’s begin anew! [Maybe we can start by saying “Thanks Enfield!” on dates USC isn’t playing? Wouldn’t that be fun]?

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  3. Hey Guarino you Itralian Nugget,

    Add up Jackson’s NFL cumulative salary. He made the money move to Cal. Plus we spared youz guys another prima Donna. We let you guys win 9 out of 10 years so you can brag. We hang out at the bank. Quietly. 😀


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  4. Slowly but steady rise in our NET ranking has us just outside the #4 seed (per cbs)…..

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      1. ….it must be like being a fan of some faded movie star who now appears in blockbusters only to get killed in the first act….

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      1. This is all seeming too good to be true. A little like Pete’s 2nd year on the job. If I might re-state the obvious point Pete made at the time: “You never know how players are gonna come together as a team until they PLAY BALL.”
        P. S.
        I know I’m speaking for everyone here when I wish Scott the most joyous of Valentine Days……

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      2. Nice reference. It would be all the transfers are the Justin Fargas impact and Evan Mobley being the Mike Williams impact from that season.


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