USC Picture Of The Night

USC coach Howard Jones addresses the team during the first practice in 1938.

Jones won five Rose Bowls and four national titles at USC. Interestingly, Jones did not enjoy recruiting and let his coaching staff focus on bringing in players to USC.

6 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Night

  1. USC just misses the mock Sweet 16 as the 17th team in a CBS mock top 68. They are considered the biggest snub in the mock because the Pac 12 is the 7th best conference at the moment. How terrible is that? We are always out of the top 4 in football and at the bottom in basketball. It’s a combination of the conference talent not being as strong? Or the lack of respect being the main excuse until we show up in March?

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    1. No one is going to respect us until we get further than the first game of the Tournament. We’ve crapped out too many times. [Actually no one is REALLY going to respect us until we make it to the Elite 8—that would change the way folks view USC basketball real fast].

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      1. I think if USC doesn’t get to the 2nd week and at least make the Sweet 16 it was a choke job. I base that on us continuing to play like we have so far up to this point. Anything short is a disaster season considering the regular season and the star player like Evan Mobley who is the kind of player that leads his team in March. Also Enfield at least needs that finish because he will need some new recruiting pitches to sell the next super recruits with Mobley leaving and explaining losing early with the team they have won’t be the same “We’re on the rise” pitch because that’s played out. We’re a “program” in basketball now around cbb and they’re aware that we win now but not enough to take over recruiting pac12 yet. So Enfield has to get to the 2nd week in my opinion. Me personally if we stayed the course I think we get to the Elite 8. Get there…..Winning is not a prediction I can make but if we lose before that I’ll be disappointed. And if we had to replace Enfield for some out of the blue reason and continue being stingy with paying I say let Jason Hart take over or……hit the pac12 hard and go after Earl Watson. He’s a Bruin but he’s a professional first so him coaching against his old school wouldn’t effect his performance and more than anything he’s smart and players like him. But go Enfield! For now.

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      2. Super smart analysis, Sam. You are so right about needing to prove we can take on top teams in the tournament….and win. How do you continue to sell the program as “on the rise” if you’ve NEVER done that? As Ali said early in his career, “you can promise big things only for so long. One day the crowd demands that you go into the lion’s den and take the meat out of the lion’s mouth. If you don’t, everybody knows you’re a phony.”

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