USC Morning Buzz: And Yet Another Ex-Coach Has A Say

I often write about Clay Helton firing 14 assistant coaches since he took over at USC.

Mainly because USC would never point it out.

Sometimes, I didn’t even really like some of those former coaches for one reason or another. But one reached out to me Monday night, which surprised me because we didn’t really know each other that well.

But he had a point to make and found a way to get in touch:

“He was the biggest phony I ever worked for,” the coach said. “I want to forget the whole experience.”

The funny thing is this is not a unique take. I’ve heard repeatedly from ex-coaches that the idea Helton is Mr. Nice Guy is a USC/media creation and behind the scenes he is quite different. There are stories of Lane Kiffin treating staff members better but no one believing it because of the different public images between Helton and Kiffin.

The fans have already deserted Helton. But I hear from ex-coaches because they want it known that whatever happens, don’t fall for the Mr. Nice Guy image.

25 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: And Yet Another Ex-Coach Has A Say

  1. I don’t care if he’s nice. I want Mr. I know football better than the guy on the other sidelines to show up.
    When will USC understand that character counts when the job is done? Helton can be Santa Claus everywhere except the football field, where he needs to be the crumpus.
    Nice guys finish last.


  2. Helton is nothing. A cardboard cutout standing on the sideline would be more genuine and probably more effective as HC. It is a joke and sad testament to the lack of leadership at the university right now.

    At least basketball is doing well. Finish strong, Trojans!

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    1. I agree a cardboard cutout would be the best replacement for the current coach, with one addition arms that swing out. Somebody needs to pull a string so the cutout raises its arms to signify substitution on defense. That is about all he’s really good for. Could you imagine all of the unnecessary time out calls we’d miss? We could lock the real Helton in his garden shed on game day.

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    2. There was a portly, crooked cop in a gold blazer in Blue Velvet who, in the final scene, winds up standing in Isabella Rossellini’s living room — even though he appears to be dead. Everyone who watches the film asks the question: “What’s keeping him up?” David Lynch explained, “he’s not exactly dead —he’s just dazed….he’s more like a cardboard cutout of a man at this point.”
      Helton is a turd that’s been up USC’s ass for years. It’s time Carol took another trip into those secluded Santa Monica mountains (masked. of course) and let Helton go.

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  3. this piece of garbage, if he was so nice he would do a gary andersen (resign and free the school from its obligations) after having screwed the school and not to mention his “beloved” players for so many years

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    1. How anyone can call helton a nice guy when he trades the well-being of others, including his young players for his own celebrity and wealth. I met with helton face-to-face about 4 years ago and offered to provide motivational coins (I gave him a dozen) designed my Navy Seal son. I wanted to provide one for each player and for the coaches along with some Seal motivation stories. Since the total cost would have been in the thousands, I didn’t want to risk an NCAA compliance violation. He expressed interest and said he would check with the compliance office. He said we could communicate by email. Since that date, I’ve sent emails and to date, none have been answered. How nice is that!!! By the way, I mentioned my son was dying and this would make him happy knowing his ideas were used to develop young men. Helton is an empty shell. If folt – who should keep her nose out of sports – and bohn don’t get rid of him, his sins are on them.


  4. helton is about one thing, helton. that is the core problem of this exceedingly selfish man. when he became the head coach at USC he used his position to hire a bunch of syncophants – his brother, his adopted uncle, promoting Tee Martin, etc. Helton installed these people not because they are the best coaches, but because they would be loyal to him. This selfishness had hurt everyone involved in the program, from players to coaches to fans.

    that is the core of Clay and the reason that he is such a horrible head coach. Clay’s external demeanor is totally false and is 100% related to whether you can help him or not. he is a politician because he is not talented and wont keep his job by the results of this teams.

    bohn and sosna have made a huge mistake in trying to support Clay. Clay would stab them in the back in a second if it served his best interests.

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    1. Don’t be surprised if Helton DOES stab everybody in the back when he’s told to go……
      [btw, can you imagine what Sark would’ve done to Helton if he got his hands on him last season]?

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    2. Truth GT, Truth!
      Some SC Football scribes refer to him as Gentleman Clay. He is the furthest thing from that for the reasons you’ve outlined and the fact that he’s been lying to the recruits about playing time, development and last but not least “playing for championshios because that is how we’re measured at SC”.
      He is a Charlatan plain and simple, much like Robert Preston in The Music Man except that I believe Preston eventually finds his soul.
      CCH just keeps on playing the simple country boy who doesn’t understand why the city slickers are out to git him all the while laughing on the way to the bank

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      1. Robert Preston? Close…but not totally on target, Dr. Evil. Helton is more like the Danny McBride character in “This Is The End”. Betraying his friends, eating their food and ejaculating on the furniture…

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  5. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. Ninety-five percent of the time when a person constantly puts their faith front a center it’s a cover for what they really are about. Pyscologically, this is referred to over compensation. Either way, these people are a cancer to any organization.

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  6. Yada, yada, yada, yada or bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch.

    Folks, Helton’s not going away anytime soon. Chances are the Boner will extend Helton’s contract ’cause then, the Boner won’t have to hire a new HFBC that’s possibly worse than Helton.

    Face it SUCCster’s, Helton’s quality is well known – the bird in the hand, as it were.


    1. I’m think Chip will retire a Bruin. Lets see in 10 years given his current winning percentage should leave him around 48-81.


  7. so what would happen if either TO or GH decided to leave SC? what type of coach would come to SC to play for Helton?

    SC is now at the point where it is impossible to hire quality coaches with a track record. they can only hire young coaches or fired coaches that are re-habbing their reputation.


    1. Game
      “young coaches or fired coaches that are re-habbing their reputation.”

      Pretty much sums up 90% of college football asst’s. Satan has made a cottage industry of running rehab 101 for guys.


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