USC Morning Buzz: A Coaching Story And Workout Evaluation

In today’s USC newsletter, I have a must-read item on a halftime adjustment (or lack thereof). And I name the coach. You can read it too if you sign up here. And then you can come back and discuss it here. I find it amazing.

It just backs up my theory about the USC football program being sideways.

Which brings me to the offseason workouts. I asked a USC player how the workouts under the entirely new strength regime are working out so far.

“They are OK,” he said. “Nothing spectacular or that different.”

If you want to read that “they are the greatest workouts ever,” I’m sure some other site will write that at some point.

  • Football Scoop reports USC hired Megan Mueller as director of recruiting, which would be about the 100th addition to the football support staff.

15 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Coaching Story And Workout Evaluation

  1. What the player said about Harrell isn’t surprising, it wouldn’t be surprising if he had said it about Gomer or Orlando.

    Can’t wait for Head Coach Harrell, yippee !!!!!!!!!!!


    1. I think the next time Helton fires a coach he will have to join him soon after.
      Too many fired scapegoats.

      Reign Of Troy
      Assistant coaches aren’t USC football’s biggest problem

      Head coach Clay Helton has now fired coaches at just about every position on the staff.

      He has rebooted the defensive staff twice. That includes dropping Clancy Pendergast, Johnny Nansen, Kenechi Udeze, Ronnie Bradford, Chad Kauaha’aha’a, Joe DeForest and Greg Burns.

      He fired offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach Tee Martin. He fired special teams and tight ends coach John Baxter.

      He has now fired two offensive line coaches, Neil Callaway followed by Tim Drevno.

      Helton already maxed out the fire/hire card and has to ride it out with this staff.

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  2. Dear Scott,

    At the moment I truly believe the newsletter needs some USC Basketball because overall nobody gives a you know what about anything related or tied to Clay Helton. No disrespect but we know everything you report already or don’t care because we’ve all made peace knowing we just have to get to November for things to change. Helton will be packing his belongings after he is beat at home in the Coliseum and losing to B….Y…..U…….for the second time in a row plus the mop up Notre Dame most likely gives us. It’s coming..
    Right now you need to cover the team with the best USC Basketball player that’s ever played at the school. Yes. Best ever.

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    1. You are so full of it. Mobley has done nothing special and not
      even a full year. Paul Westphal, Gus Williams, John Rudometkin,
      Demar Derozan and Harold Miner put in more time and beat
      some very top opponents. The Trojans have still not played any
      one from the Big 10 or ACC, and only LSU from the SEC.

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      1. Buddy this is a different ball game than those days. Paul Westphal had game but he along with Williams, and Rudometkin were before my time. I have to go in depth to point out why Miner doesn’t get that. Derozan could and can still play ball but Miner was the best player up until now and I followed him and yes he beat some good but not great Bruin teams and a good but not great Lute Olsen Arizona team. His biggest win though isn’t even the games against Murray and McLean. The best win while he was a Trojan was against a really good Ohio State team that was ranked #4 and had All American Jim Jackson who could score. Great game. Miner was my favorite player as a Trojan. I had a Harold Miner jersey and those weren’t easy to get back then especially when you live 80 miles from the bookstore. But the reality is he and those teams choked at the most significant times. And let’s not forget that he had two NBA players playing along side with him in Duane Cooper and Robert Pack so he had some help. That was a long time ago but I remember the 1st Round NCAA Tournament game vs Florida State. Ravelling from what I remember let Miner seriously be his “Jordan” and at times his shot selection was just awful trying to do too much and they even allowed Charlie Ward to get involved making shots that game. I know SC was upset or were the team picked to advance and FSU wasn’t that good or talented and Miner wasnt good that day. I had to look up the stat sheet but Miner scored 16 pts. Just made 7 of 27 attempts but he didn’t get to the free throw line the whole game after taking 27 shots? Miner would lead SC to a win over Ohio State then they lose soon after to Norte Dame that sucked. They choked games the next season. Miner couldn’t get them the win I remember clearly that although Miner wasn’t the reason they loss these games but he didn’t do a lot in them either. Georgia Tech. Do you remember that game? Well a three time All American doesn’t lose that game and takes it over in the end usually you would think. He never closed any games out and we loss.
        To be honest I was really speaking in terms of this one and done season because he’s only playing for one which he has outplayed every one each night so far. There’s no question about that. ALSO…..He is doing all of this while playing within the teams game plan and flow unlike a player of his talent level these days that are ball hogs and don’t play defense. His impact is far and above any player before him that played at SC including Miner. This is without the offense going through him and built around him because if it were he would have better numbers to an already impressive season. By the way you can argue that Taj Gibson and Sam Clancy are more deserving than Derozan. Remember his season wasn’t the one we thought it would be and he got going at the end of the season. It’s premature to say Evan Mobley is the best when there’s a lot of ball left but we’re only gonna see his game and impact elevate more and more. He outplayed the best High School players one after another. Same thing now and he’ll be in the NBA for years to come doing the same. To say he’s done nothing special is ridiculous. He’s a true freshman that for the most part is responsible for USC being so relevant and in the conversation as a team to look out for and should end up Pac12 POY.


  3. While buttheadkarma was flunking out of El Camino Community College and Michael Guarino was taking advantage of California Socialism, attending UC Davis on the California taxpayers dime, Rick Neuheisel was paying for his post graduate law degree from USC.

    Neuheisel is more of a Trojan than pudlyfudgepacker76, buttheadkarma, gotroll22 and Mr. Socialist Benefactor Free Ride Michael Guarino.





    1. Did you get up on the wrong side of alley this morning T.O.? You seem full of useless information. Has Rick used his law degree? He could have made impressive commercials. Call Rick for accidents, slip and fall, white uniforms anything Rick can win because he knows how.


    2. Love it, when the going gets tough UCLA people jettison their own.

      Eating, drinking, shelter, entertainment, etc….oops, tebowmama taking advantage of the private sector…Give it back, big mama!


      AHA HA HA HA HA!


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