USC Notes: Don’t Look Now Another Texas Coach On Staff

USC has hired from Texas safety John Bonney as a quality control analyst.

That means there are now 11 coaches on staff who have some Texas ties (native, played there, etc.).

It might be the most insular coaching staff in the nation.

  • UCLA announced it will play Alabama State (2022) and North Carolina Central (2023). That means USC and Notre Dame will be the only schools to never have played an FCS opponent.

18 thoughts on “USC Notes: Don’t Look Now Another Texas Coach On Staff

  1. USC can put a wall around California, or for that matter most of the West. But it can’t put a wall around Texas, but other programs can poach freely when USC is trying to pretend it can do that in Texas… This is all about coaches looking to their futures, and imagining when they go forward they’ll still have Texas recruiting in their pocket, with the ability to join the gang robbery of talent from under USC’s nose. Thought it couldn’t get worse than Gomer, but Bohn and his little underlings actually are much worse.

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      1. ??? Nah, There’s still ten million more people in CA. Texas is like a smaller California demographically– both have what is or will be in a year or two a Latino plurality. And the Black population is steady in CA, the Polynesian the fastest growing of all populations in CA. Both Texas and CA have the same median age for Whites, etc. CA always had had a wide variety of successful athletes but I wanted to lay it out.

        The difference is that far more major teams rely on recruiting Texas– the SEC, the Big 12, the Big 10. And USC has to line up behind Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Ok St., Baylor, TCU, Bama, LSU, all of whom traditionally work Texas hard and have a web of alum and connections.

        USC is the top dog in CA, in the entire PAC 12 footprint, among Polynesians, and virtually everything west of the Missouri River and north of Oklahoma. Right now SC isn’t the top in LA– Bama, Ohio State, Clemson, and yes Texas are coming in and taking top kids. We’re getting some UT transfers who couldn’t cut it.


    1. Pudly — What are you talking about? Of course the bruins will be underdogs — but they have a chance to win both those games….

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  2. Alabama State and North Carolina Central. Well, you have to hand it to UCLA, they are finally coming to terms with who their atheltic peers are. To paraphrase Clint Eastwood “A team has to know its limitations”.

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  3. With all the Texans on staff are they going to incorporate some “LongHorns” into the Trojan helmet decal? Wouldn’t be surprised with this lot.

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  4. I’m sure some of this is also politics. Football and athletic culture of Southern California is really tied a faction of alum and boosters, institutions, etc., and thus the Board of Trustee ongoing tribal war.

    I wish they’d make up their mind or just divide up things– the traditional Row, athletics, alum organizations, etc. and majors that appeal to one segment, and then the stuff that the SJWs, postmodern types, etc. really want to keep their hands on.

    Don’t strangle things to death and expect us to support it or at least say that their killing off old SC.


  5. Scooter,

    I thought there was limit to how many coaches that could be on the staff. Do the quality control consultants count as coaches or are they part of the athletic department. We gots to no.


  6. Bias opinion, but i think the top notch CA players are better than Texas players overall. You have more competition to compete against, you have more population and the players are closer to each other than say texas. Here in the southland, you could probably fill up the entire team with starters for SC or ugly because there are so many great players. In texas, you have to run around the state to pull them. It is just an opinion

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