Utah 71, USC 61

USC has lost three of four games after a listless effort in Salt Lake City.

Evan Mobley didn’t look like the No. 2 pick in the NBA Draft. And Tahj Eaddy went 2 for 10. Isaiah Mobley was 2 for 8.

The Trojans were 2 for 13 on 3-pointers.

I suppose the apologists will say USC is tired after playing five games in 10 days. They didn’t mention the times USC won when the opponents had three starters out or were barely able to practice.

Oh, and USC is 1-3 since Coach Bohn’s fiery post-game speech.

25 thoughts on “Utah 71, USC 61

  1. Brutal, disappointing this one goes totally on the coaching staff as this team was not prepared to play. How in the world can a bottom team in the conference have more fire than a team playing for a championship. Issiah Mobley is the most overrated player I have ever seen he should be a brick layer. No way this team has a chance in the Pac 12 tournament, or the NCAA’s because they have no fire, no leadership, and don’t play defense. This team played like their season is over with nothing to play for. Hard to follow a team like this with no fight. This game looked like Enfield, and his players have made the decision to give the title to UCLA or Oregon.

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    1. I don’t think they actually, explicitly, officially “made the decision to give the title to UCLA or Oregon” (both of whom they soundly beat, by the way)…..


  2. Coachless Enfield is pure garbage along with an over-rated Evan Mobley. # 2 pick in the draft? Maybe in two years not now. They
    are one and done in the ncaa tourney for sure.

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  3. Streetball, no defense. This team might not win another game, and has no chance to go far in any tournament. Enfield, should be embarrassed this team was not prepared to play. No fire in this team or the coaches. Watch UCLA and Colorado they play defense and team basketball, and the coaches have fire and their teams reflects it. This team is very hard to follow after watching this game. Issiah Mobley is a stiff most overrated player I have ever seen. D-League player at best he is a brick layer. USC just gave the conference championship to UCLA or Oregon that simple.

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  4. UCLA AND COLORADO play defense. USC plays streetball with no defense. Sad to say but UCLA stays in games on the road because they play defense, and it all starts with their head coach. I think Enfield thinks he can win with superior talent that is not the case especially on the road as shown tonight. USC could very well lose their last two games because they are weak mentally, and play with no fire.

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  5. This is an absolutely uninspired and listless team showing no heart and no hustle. The mountain trip has produced 32% shooting from the field and 24% from 3pt stripe as well as 66% from the strip with a big % of misses on the front end of one and ones. They are also averaging 12.5 turnovers a game. We hear how good they are with defense especially on shooting % defense. Well the trip produced 48% fg% with 57% from 3pt and the opponents can actually shoot their free throws at 92%. So Utah and Colorado missed 2 free throws out of 24 shot. This team needed to step up down the stretch but got run out of the building by 18 and 10. They have been out hustled, scrambled and blown more crib shots in the paint than I have ever seen. All I seem to see is guys trying to handle the ball too much and go one on one. Very little movement off the ball and when they do press it is all 2 man trap then there is an easy outlet pass and now the opponent has numbers. Not sure this team unless it pivots 180 degrees will go far. This is painful to watch. I always seem to get a bad feeling every time this team gets ranked, that is the time it takes a dive over the years. Same thing when they move into first in conference. They seem to free fall. Every one of these players has played outstanding in stretches this year. So talent is not an issue. The only two things you can rely on is this. Isaiah Mobley will not make his free throws, and the good free throw shooters will miss when it is crucial. Nothing else is reliable. Just like you can rely on football being out coached and Helton will waste timeouts and the team will commit at least 10 penalties per game. (but he has personally taken care of that for the last 5 years and they haven’t cracked the top 115 out of 131 teams in D1 in terms of least penalties per game and penalty yards per game. Both signs of poorly coached teams.

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    1. Great analysis, Vault91. I’d add one thing. I don’t think it’s the ranking that hurt this team. I think the rest of the Pac has figured them out at this point: they’re easy to rattle and they don’t like getting roughed up.


      1. totally agree. When the ball is in the paint and they try backing down a defender, guards crash down from the back side and claw the ball out often. The big men never see it coming. The need to know some one is going to try to root the ball out and that if that is the case there is a guard open and uncovered to shoot of drive and get them the ball. But nothing. Last year against washington when the huskies were a good shot blocking team, they could never get up an accurate shot, they were so concerned that it would be blocked that every shot was poor. You have to go at a shot blocker and get him to commit, then play though the contact and get at least foul shots if not and ones.

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    1. The Pac 12 title might come down to the USC/UCLA game —which I’ve already said I think we’ll win…


      1. Not sure about that one. The bruins did get beat tonight but played great defense. Both teams did. Just look at Colorados shot % compared to Thursday. I don’t remember the Buffs getting off a clean 3 tonight. They got them all thursday. But made them that night even when guarded. 33% tonight, 55% thursday night from 3

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  6. MG

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  7. Wolf,
    We can take a loss and we can take the hard times of USC sports but you can’t take a USC win or USC success let alone cover it and report it to at least earn the praise that people give you. Sorry person gives you (Petros LOL!). You insult every moment that USC where there’s an opportunity for you.
    Key word YOU.
    You insult young men who represent something that must make you so jealous that you can’t stand the sight of there small window of time that is gone before they know it.
    Yet you have to be the one to be spoiler and tell the ending or tell some kid Santa isn’t real right?
    Please Wolf go and on an open message board or some roundtable live with other USC media. Make it happen and you all should say what’s what.
    I guarantee that you will get eaten alive buddy.
    I actually like you Wolf, but I don’t see any kind of real journalism here for you to have such strong opinions.
    Prove me wrong. Forget me. Prove the people who have challenged you wrong.
    Have Petros it up and bring someone credible to spar with you.
    Adam Maya? Yeah you might be able to take him.
    Scott Schroeder? Haaaaa he would destroy and posterize you!

    We gotta find out who bullied you or double crossed you or insulted you.
    It’s a mystery.
    I’ll email Petros and Money if you are up to it and maybe they can set up something.
    I didn’t see the game because my son had a doubleheader but I bet it just you and the normal kick them while they’re down more than anything.


  8. When you can’t even teach your players how to shoot free throws after a whole season and you don’t know how to utilize your once in your career top three pick you know the caliber of coach we’ve got.


  9. colorado and utah play like a basketball team…sc plays like a bunch of individuals…double team their best player and its over there is never a plan’b’ because it is apparently never practiced…and no one can reliably shoot from outside or even at free throw line,although they did prior to coming to sc. It is a team game. I saw utah get 5 rebounds in a row off one missed shot and then after 4 more shots hit a 3 pointer…after rebounding 5 times in a row! against a taller and more talented team. Something is wrong ,no shooting ,no rebounding=no wins .


  10. I think Enfield’s staff is built too much on recruiting, and not on teaching the fundamentals of basketball in practice. USC, has had the players in recent years the problem here is they need a top assistant to coach the team who knows how to teach defense, motivate the players, and put in an offense rather than this street ball game their currently playing. Jason Hart, is a great recruiter, but look at the low quality of our other assistants.


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