Would You Buy USC Season Ticket For This?

Clay Helton will appear on the Pac-12 Network at 10 a.m. (PT) on Tuesday to discuss the release of USC’s schedule.

Of course, he won’t say anything insightful. And he won’t admit USC has an easy schedule with no Oregon or Washington.

This “announcement” has little news value. We already know USC will host Stanford, Oregon State, Arizona, Utah and UCLA. We already know USC travels to Cal, Washington State, Colorado and Arizona State.

We just don’t know the dates.

By the way, I wouldn’t buy a season ticket with those opponents (plus San Jose State and BYU) at the Coliseum. Do better, Pac-12.

  • Something good must have been going on at Kansas. USC and Ohio State announced today they hired directors of on-campus recruiting from Kansas. Les Miles, baby.
  • Remember to sign up for the USC newsletter, which has a story today on the overreliance on star rankings.

19 thoughts on “Would You Buy USC Season Ticket For This?

      1. Your butt-buddy Trump is the master of sexual harassment. Dude’s getting sued for rape & the woman has a sample that Trump has to submit DNA to test against. So yeah, Dems bad.


  1. As far as USC football tickets go, Folt and Bohn couldn’t pay me enough to go watch that 3rd rate flunky so called coach Clueless Clay humiliate himself and USC.

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  2. Lieutenant Columbo has completed his investigation of the USC athletic department, and determined AD Mike Bohn, Football Coach Clay “Gomer Pyle” Helton, and President Carol Folt ordered the murder of the USC Football program. Until both are sentenced and punished for their crimes WE THE PEOPLE OF USC should not support the athletic department in any fashion including buying season tickets.

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  3. Love how Wolf leaves out that BYU embarrassed USC two years ago and this game is just another game.

    Real “Inside USC” haaa!

    Love how Wolf leaves out that Norte Dame was in the CFB Playoffs this season and USC will play at South Bend.

    Real “Inside USC” LOL!

    Love that we don’t have to pay for this Inside “info” each month. Thank you lord!

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  4. Hey Blogger,

    Speaking of the schedule, are the non – conference games on this year? Will USC be traveling to South Bend?



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