Morning Buzz: Pick The USC-UCLA Score

Are you excited for today’s 1 p.m. tipoff at Pauley Pavilion with Pac-12 title implications?

Who do you like? What’s the score?

I actually covered the last USC team to win a conference title (1985) and it came off two incredible USC-UCLA games, each narrowly won by the Trojans: A double-OT victory at the Sports Arena (78-77) and then a four-OT thriller at Pauley Pavilion (Charlie Simpson with the layup at buzzer!). The USC students stormed the court with brooms to celebrate the sweep and were promptly moved to the upper deck in following seasons.

Derrick Dowell grabs a rebound as Larry Friend looks on in USC’s 80-78 victory in four OT’s at Pauley Pavilion.

But if sports gives great memories, it also takes away. And there was only heartbreak in 1974. USC was ranked No. 7. UCLA was No. 3. It was a hotly anticipated game at a sold-out Sports Arena with an 8:40 p.m. tipoff. The winner not only won the Pac-8 title, it received the sole bid to the NCAA Tournament because in those days only the champion went.

USC led 2-0 and it was all downhill after that as the Bruins coasted to an 82-52 victory. UCLA finished 12-2 and USC was 11-3.

Center Mike Westra attempts a shot in 1974 USC-UCLA game.

29 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Pick The USC-UCLA Score

  1. With Chip Kelly at point guard USC does not have a chance. Scott when you mention you covered last Trojan team to win conference title was that when you had a job?

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      1. LMFAO!

        USC Trojan basketball team is choking ahead of schedule.

        I told you clowns they would lose in the 1st round of whatever tournament they get into, well I’m going to go ahead and call it, the Trojans will be finished before the 2nd half of that 1st round game.


  2. Great history of the rivalry. ucla no longer has players like Bill Walton, Jamaal Wilkes, Marques Johnson, as they did back in ’74, when guys sitting on the bench would ultimately play in the NBA. Must seem like light years ago for them, looking at their recent teams. Trojans 74, Bruins 68.

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      1. Is Enfield at least teaching better defense?
        Or is it just E Mobley’s shot blocking abilities?
        Obviously, Enfield can’t teach FT shooting.

        At home, the Bruins will put up some points. and play solid D,
        but the Trojans win a tense one at PP.

        With game time in the afternoon, my only conflict is whether
        I have that lil nipper of Blanton’s at 3PM or after a nice dinner tonight.

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      2. If soothsayer Guarino is correct, then it’s a double nipper of Blanton’s for me!
        Rather not have a 3 OT game with our FT shooting.

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      3. Actually I don’t want it to go that way either, Bourbon. I’d like a nice, relaxing start-to-finish rout.

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      1. Amen- Thank You for your post! I am hoping for a dominant 40 minute performance. I believe that the key is Isiah Mobley- he has been so disappointing this season. I’m also concerned about the lack of creativity in this coaching staff game planning. In the last 13 games USC is 8-5 against the Ruins with a 3 game winning streak. It would be nice if Mick Cronin started his UCLA career with an 0-4 record. USC 78 UCLA 62.

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  3. Good job Scott Wolf giving USC Basketball some coverage. I was there also in the 4 OT win win over UCLA to win the conference title. It was a classic Wayne Carlander was tremendous, as was Reggie Miller. Derrick Dowell, was sensational reminded me alot of Ardrian Dantley with tremendous moves inside. I think Stan Morrison does not get enough credit he really had the program going in the right direction until the Hank Gathers, Tom Lewis, and Bo Kimble disaster.

    Today’s game will be a defensive battle Mick Cronin, will load up in the paint, and force USC to win the game with their outside shooting and guards. Mick Cronin is an excellent basketball coach, and does more with less talent. If USC adjusts to his defenses USC can pull this one out if they shoot 40%, and make some of their free throws which is a real negative for this team in big games.

    Final Score: USC 72 UCLA 69. USC starts slow gets behind by 16 in the first half, and then begins to hit their outside shots in the second half behind Taj Eddy, and Drew Peterson. Issiah White, must play for this to happen he is the real glue on the team.

    Very key game in USC basketball history, and momentum for the Pac 12 and NCAA tournaments.

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  4. The real heart breaker was in 1971 losing the last game at home
    to the ‘ruins for only the 2nd loss all season. Not able to go to the
    big dance. Led for almost the entire game until the last few minutes.

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    1. Agreed. [Hate to say it —but that was a failure of nerve. We had that one but stopped scoring at the “4 minutes to go” mark]……

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      1. btw –as game time approaches USC has gone from a one and a half point favorite—to a two point favorite — to a two and a half point pick…

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