Discuss The USC-UCLA Game

And Eady hits 3 to win it!!

USC is off to a listless start, regrouped and then let UCLA stretch the halftime lead to 36-25.

USC was 0 for 6 on 3-pointers in the first half. Tahj Eaddy was 1 for 5 from the field and had two points. That needs to change for USC to win the game.

I’m not sure why Andy Enfield doesn’t start three guards with Ethan Anderson instead of forward Max Agbonkpolo against UCLA.

56 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-UCLA Game

    1. To champion the obvious (hey, look everybody, I’m Greg Katz): This is make it or break it time. This team has to come back and play the half of their lives —-or be seen as another bunch of pretenders.

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    2. It’s Over…another Trojan collapse

      LMFAO! Classic!




      1. It doesn’t get any better than this. I was kissing my….. well, actually my wife’s — $500 goodbye.

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      2. After last season’s finale, then football this year, you’d think they’d have figured out winning doesn’t count unless the clock shows 0:00. 🤡

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  1. USC in recent years is a money loser Mike. I feel your pain. That said, for all my self-delusion and forced hopes, USC athletics are in the dumps. The revenue sports obviously are poop,, and most of many Olympic sports we once dominated in. It’s all reflective of what’s happening at USC at the administrative level. USC still has all its traditional advantages but there are people that hate what USC has been and has stood for running it. A win today vs UGLY would have made it feel better, but it is what it is.

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    1. UCLA loses….yet again! In a sport that is supposed to be their own. The program Sam Gilbert built has been crumbling for years. I suppose sometime in the next decade UCLA will win a game. And then likely put up a new pennant to celebrate their lone decadal in the deserted Pauly Pavilion where tebowrama will be talking to no one in particular “sonny, let me tell you about…. ”



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      1. Glad this din’t go to OT, Michael.
        Trojans tried to lose it at the Free Throw Line.
        Graciously, we all predicted a narrow victory.

        Having finished a nice dinner with my wife, I’m now looking at the Blanton’s bottle. I assume you didn’t lose any money on this game?

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      2. Bourbon –Thanks for asking. I didn’t lose anything —but I may have a hard time collecting anything. I have a bruin buddy (ex cop) who bets one of his his wife’s monthly annuity checks against one of my wife’s monthly annuity checks every time we play each other. We never claim points. It’s just a bet on who wins. THIS year…for the first time…. he’s claiming I gave him points (I confess I mentioned points —but not in relation to the bet). I need to remind him we’re not talking about our own money here.


    1. What the fuck? They had it —and they let it slip away….. as though they didn’t want it….as though they felt they only deserved 4th place…..

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    1. Sorry, my friend (well, not really —but you know what I mean). Whoever lost this one was gonna be hurtin’. But the WAY UCLA left their fans feeling is gonna last …. I can’t remember another collapse like this in USC/Ucla history….

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      1. no, that would be as dumb as sc turning down that xlnt Bowl game,which I think was cowardly…and helltonesque


    2. Cronin and the fellas coached/played great.
      Great clock management. Powder blue was smart to foul the poor FT shooting USC big guys.
      Bruins had many clutch shots as the shot clock expired.

      Cronin took his foot off the gas and USC nailed a few clutch shots down the stretch. Cronin is gonna have the program flying. The kids need the post-season games for the experience.

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      1. overall you are mostly correct, although it seemed they had a little help with rather poor officiating…SC just had it in mind not to choke at the end,this time it was the bruins., who seldom lose at Pauley.


    3. I appreciate your sentiments & I am truly amazed how much I can respect you for your admission of the truth. I’m blessed to have a good chance to be back on my magic carpet ride hopefully for a long trip?


  2. Hey Wolf, maybe tomorrow you will write about this classic Ruin choke job?

    Please comment about Cronin’s $4m salary too. Not a great return so far. Never has beaten cross town rival too.

    Again this miraculous victory doesn’t fit your narrative. Had we lost you would be calling for Thanks Enfield head.

    It is going to be a rough night in mom’s basement with Owns and the homeless crew.

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  3. Statement game for the program finally! USC, poor free throw shooting will come back to haunt them in the upcoming tournaments. 10 of 20 free throws is not acceptable, and the game would have been even closer, but we got lucky at the end.

    Silent Hero: Is Goodwin who is a monster inside, and many times kept us in the ballgame with his offensive board, and physical inside play. Should he be starting. Politics says no talent, but no question he is a much better player than Issiah Mobley. No question we also missed Issiah White who is a strong defensive player.

    As far as UCLA they are a very mechanical well coached team. USC time and time again let them play within their offense, and should have put on full court pressure more often to throw them out of their offensive rhythm, or simply put speed up the game.

    Let’s see if we get Issiah White back for the Conference Tournament, but I see Colorado as the team to beat with their good defense and outstanding point guard play.

    Hats off to Enfield, the Coaching staff, and the players. They stayed in the game, kept their poise, and pulled it out in the end. Can this team make a run in the NCAA Tournament my answer is yes, but they need to do well in the Pac 12 tournament to get a 4 or 5 seed which will certainly help.

    Some USC players from the past who hit game winning shots:
    “Cool Ernie Powell, Charlie Simpson, Maurice Mo Williams, Jonah Matthew, and now Taj “the wizard” Eddy.

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  4. Thanks Enfield, and that is sincere not like some other who use it as criticism and always focuses on the negative. This team deserves a big applause, and deserves more attention from USC, the fans, and especially this blog.

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