USC 64, UCLA 63

It was déjà vu all over again as USC defeated UCLA on another last-second shot.

Tahj Eaddy was 1 for 6 on 3-pointers before his game-winning shot. He was 4 for 13 overall before the shot.

But it didn’t matter as he buried the corner 3-pointer.

“It’s funny how things come full circle like that,” Eaddy said. “It was special to be able to do it in a USC uniform against UCLA.

“We’re only down two, so we were just trying to extend the play, but they did a good job of guarding that,” Eaddy said. “It was just trying to get a catch before there was a 5-second call. We were getting close.”

USC now needs Oregon State to defeat Oregon on Sunday to win the Pac-12 title.

I heard UCLA fans after the game bemoaning two missed free throws in the final minute but USC missed 10 of 20 free throws.

25 thoughts on “USC 64, UCLA 63

      1. Micheal you’ve understated things again… sow has gotten much better than just used to it, they’ve perfected it.

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      2. Yeah! It’s almost as though the UCLA football and basketball coaches had a secret meeting in the Powell Library Men’s Room 2 years ago and, among other things, decided, “here’s what we’ll do in USC games from now on : first, get our guys so jacked up they jump out to big leads, getting our fans’ hopes sky high in the process.. and then……we’ll lower the boom.”

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    1. When the Trojans were getting spanked during the first half of the game all of you clowns were talking,shit, throwing Enfield under the bus. You were all writing him off for next year, that’s how much confidence you have in him.


      When Enfield was at Florida Gulf Coast or wherever the fuck he came from his teams were known for being competitive in the NCAA tournament.

      I seem to recall Enfield’s FGC teams being somewhat high-flying, fast break and attacking the rim. Seems like none of his teams he’s had at USC remotely resemble those past teams of his. Enfield’s Trojan teams always seem lazy and selfish.


      1. Nobody was throwing Andy under the bus….. except me. [And I was panicking cuz I bet a retired cop that USC would win…. no points…. just a straight up bet]……

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      2. Tebowrama writes like a petulant little teenage girl. Stop your whining and take it like a grown up, Tebolina.

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      3. Dunk City, TO. Correct on that account only. They were a swashbuckling group of BB players.

        I think FGC had one good year and went to the sweet 16. Haden then signed on Enfield. (FGC likely recruited young athletes who could not be admitted to other more academically challenging schools–IMHO.)

        Enfield is slowly building a reputable program. Tough to do at a higher tier, West Coast FB school.


  1. 21 wins in a short season isn’t half bad, especially considering the cancellations and shuffling of the schedule..
    Are they the best team ever to hit the hardwood? Nope. But they don’t need to be, and they are fun to watch.

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    1. Sober analysis. Andy is not a great coach. But he’s a very good coach. This isn’t a great team —but they’re capable of playing very good basketball……

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      1. Ha! Like one of those Jurassic Park/World movies — everything looks real bad…but the heroes make it through somehow….

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  2. Yes-VERY CORRECT Scott Wolf. !…Missed free throws by USC are a big problem, and this game would have been even closer for a longer time period in this game. If the missed free throws continue USC will not go far in any tournament. Enfield, should hire a free throw shooting guru, but I thought that was what we were getting when we hired him. No question the hire has been a good one, but free shooting has been a problem with every one of Enfield’s teams during his tenure as head coach.

    Please imagine what this team would have been like with Kevin Porter Jr, and Okongu who both left early for the NBA, and Kyle Studivant, and Elijiah Weaver transferred.

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    1. Still waiting for someone to learn the skyhook too, but no matter what comes easy for some, doesn’t always translate to the mere mortals…. they just can’t hit the broad side of a barn from 15’ straight out, SMDH

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      1. Yeah, I noticed a couple with spring loaded eyes bobbling around on their cheeks… and another of a female flashing the Trojans players as they were about to shoot.

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    2. We all have to adjust to the “one-and-done” World of NCAA MBB, tommyd.
      I cannot understand why the NBA has not moved to a true minor league BB system. If the NBA did so, March madness would disappear.

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  3. Soak it up you clowns because this Trojan team that’s led by Evan Mobley (the 7 ft. tall player who threw up the ugliest brick in the history of basketball when he shot the ball 2 ft. from the rim and hit nothing but air and it was aired on national t.v.) will get bounced in the 1st round of whatever tournament they end up in.

    A fucking airball 2 ft. away from the rim, being 7 ft. tall and having the wingspan that he has…how is that even possible? Oh it’s possible because Mobley did it. Never seen anything like it. To this day when I think about it I still ahake my head.


    1. UCLA will be handing over the deed to Pauley Pavilion to formally recognize the reality that USC now owns it. Going forward all ticket revenue (as little as it is) will be handed over to USC. Life is good. Tebotina, you can now go fetch us some beer. And be quick about it.

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      1. Tebotina isn’t allowed near beer….or bars….


  4. I actually watched a USC ‘ team’ game and a ‘no choke’ game,and a well coached game as they came from behind and had a victory over a very good bruin team with a good record. Too bad they could not do that at colorado or utah…both those teams have really played some team basketball,and look ready for Pac 12 tourney,as does ucla.

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