USC Gets Commitment From Tight End

USC received a commitment from tight end Keyan Burnett of Servite High School, who is a 2022 prospect.

Burnett also considered Arizona and Arizona State. So does this mean USC will throw to the tight end?

Given Burnett’s size (6-5, 210), it’s more likely he will be offered a role like Drake London.

11 thoughts on “USC Gets Commitment From Tight End

  1. I would really like to know who’s advising these kids who play TE to even consider USC. Graham Harrel is allergic to two things; running the ball between the tackles and throwing to the TE. So knock yourself out spending four years doing nothing.

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    1. This kid Is Drake London 2.0 He will get plenty of work. Although the chance of current coaches being there next year are less than 10%. Thanks Enfield!

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    2. I don’t know what kind of run blockers Jimmy Graham, George Kittle, or Travis Kelce are, but they get the job done in the passing game. If you are a So Cal kid, you are watching those TE’s.

      If you are a big, not-agile, blocking TE who occasionally catches the ball, go to Iowa, where Kirk Ferentz (pardon spelling error–I don’t care enough to check right now) has developed several NFL quality, low-paid, non-dynamic TE’s.

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    1. Does not fit Wolf’s agenda. He is so negative on USC, kind of like the anti-vaxxer crowd. Today he criticized 2 dead LA sport broadcaster legends who are in the So Cal broadcaster Hall of Fame. Scott has hit rock bottom. That was unacceptable. There will never be another Chick Hearn. I wish we had Tom Kelley around as well. Oh mercy nurse!

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      1. Anti-vaxxer? Point of Information: Scott has been vaccinated twice a day since Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine was condemned by the Vatican.
        Glad we landed Burnett —- but even dimwitted ESPN announcers wonder out loud during all our games why we don’t throw to our tight ends……

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      2. ….a wild and woolly post, BT!

        Proud “old school” Trojans loved Tom Kelley.
        The Chick”isms”–which we all use on a daily basis–have become part of our daily discourse. We all lived during the greatest of times in LA.

        That said, BT, “no harm no foul” on Scottie.
        (he he)

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  2. These early commits are all guys that are helping to recruit other players. The OT recruit that has committed is going to play at IMG, where USC would love to set up a pipeline of players. The recruit from Katy, TX is a team captain as a junior, so a definite team leader at a top program in Texas. Kejon is working to recruit his teammate and other players in So Cal.

    The battle for TX recruits is happening real fast this year. Texas, Texas A&M and SC are all competing much more aggressively than in past years and Ohio State, Oklahoma, Alabama, LSU and Clemson are trying to hold onto their top dog spots nationwide.


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