The Friday Column Supplement Is Up

If you wanted to know the name of the USC tailback pictured in the USC notes column, I published the backstory in today’s USC newsletter.

4 thoughts on “The Friday Column Supplement Is Up

  1. We shant forgive you, Scott, for tricking tricking us with a photo of someone wearing a somewhat famous #12 jersey handing off to someone wearing a very famous #32 jersey. We all saw what we wanted to see: Sogge handing off to OJ.
    USC is anywhere between a one point and a one and half point favorite against UCLA tomorrow.

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    1. Pudly –Against my better judgement I just bet on USC.
      Apologies to Scott (and I guess Cal75) for the double “tricking” thing in my first post—I’m having a little touch of vertigo from shrimp tacos I bought on the beach….

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