Drake Wins And Will Face USC

Drake overcame a 10-point deficit with 10 minutes left and defeated Wichita State, 53-52, and will play USC on Saturday at 1:30 p.m.

The Bulldogs were led by guard Joseph Yesufu, who had 21 points and won its first NCAA Tournament game since 1971, when they beat Notre Dame.

ShanQuan Hemphill played 10 minutes in his first game since he broke his foot Feb. 10. He was Drake’s leading scorer (14.1 points, 6.3 rebounds) before he got hurt.

32 thoughts on “Drake Wins And Will Face USC

      1. Pudly —We really need to play our best game of the year —if not for ourselves for Barack & Michelle!

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      2. I’d rather save our best for Kansas, as long as we play a solid game defensively and hit 70% of our free throws we should be able to beat drake..

        I know, famous last words!


  1. Carol Folt picked UC Santa Barbara to win it all……in her bracket selections. I wonder why, and if she knows what she is doing when it comes to sports. Ha….Ha We all know the answer to that question.

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      1. Michigan State’s coach forgot the first rule of coaching: try not to urinate on one of your own players in public during halftime….

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      1. Dream scenario. USC goes down by 15 points. Not satisfied with comfortable lead, Drake’s coach tears one of his own player’s uniform off as they run to the locker at halftime. Demoralized Drake players quit on coach in second half…..
        [I’m having a little cheap fun here —great win, Owns]!

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      2. I think UCLA needs to hang a new banner in Pauley: “UCLA defeats 15-12 MSU to make it into the round of 64”. Next to the Sam Gilbert banners.

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    1. Embarrassing for Izzo to lose that game and let his emotions get the best of him when he grabbed his player going into the locker room. His second big scene in three tournaments and makes him look like the “old man who’s losing it” to the world when this happens. They weren’t very good but I think he overreacted because that player and his teammate exchanged words on that and I’m sure he felt bad as it is so Izzo should have let that go or handled that in the locker room.


    1. Nooooo! I will not be a party to this!

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        Alabama Satan #1 “you guys better start blocking or I’ll make you go to class next week”
        Georgia 48 $792,532,735 #2
        Louisiana State 51 $769,076,266 #3
        Ohio State 59 $767,611,339 #4
        California 25 $719,062,176 #5
        Fucla 34 $320,141,758 #25

        Right where the ruins belong yupper.
        The closest you got to westwood hi was lot check at Mickey D’s in Norwalk.
        Fucla, home of the murdered And torched coed.

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  2. Well, the refs tried to give the game to Michigan St., but the Bruins weren’t having it.

    86 – 80 UCLA wins it.

    That fucking whiner complainer Tom Izzo, glad he lost.






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    1. Will you have one of your frequent side aches if USC loses? I wouldn’t laugh at Ucla getting bounced. But I don’t like side aches.

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  3. In case you SUCCster’s weren’t watching, UCLA pulled their game out in OT 86 – 80. It was ugly, ugly, but we avoid the stigma of one and done tournament elimination.

    Can Andyain’twinning?


    1. Hey BruinRob, what’s this “we” shit? You’ve never been out of Cerritos, let alone attend UCLA. Here’s a reality check for you and your twin sister Tebowlina; you had nothing to do with UCLA winning tonight.

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      1. Bruin Bob is a big turd from the upper peninsula. Nothing more, nothing less. A keyboard warrior that has adopted an alt personality.
        Flush it.

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    2. How the mighty have fallen. Crowing about an OT victory over a 15-12 MSU team just to make it into the round of 64. And they are satisfied with that because it avoids a one and done!

      The once glorious UCLA basketball program is reduced to this? “Well, we might not be all that good, but at least we avoided the stigma of one and done”

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