Morning Buzz: Pick The USC-Drake Score

Finally, the the NCAA Tournament is here for USC.

It’s time for you to pick a score.

Like I said yesterday, I think USC can beat or lose to anyone.

USC is a 6.5-point favorite over Drake. The over/under is 136.5 points per William Hill.

What happens if the game comes down to free throws?

34 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Pick The USC-Drake Score

      1. Yes…and it’s been there a long time. Long enough to arouse suspicions. What about the other states are they afraid of?

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    1. It could be even a bigger win (it SHOULD be even a bigger win)—-but who really knows which USC team shows up?
      I’m going with us by pretty much the same score, 67 —-on the theory that Andy will have his guys better prepared (mentally) than he did for the semis in the Pac 12 tournament. We need to stop these guys early —not play catch up in the second half…..

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      1. Yeah, 67 —that’s the way I got it figured…
        [Pudly made a comment yesterday that got me thinking about post season play: teams are competing against teams they aren’t used to seeing. Helton and, especially, Enfield know what to expect from Pac 12 opponents. But neither one of them have proven very good at preparing their teams for post season play —- cuz that requires superior coaching and motivational skills]…..

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      2. Need some 3’s to fall against Drake’s zone, keep the ball moving, and play the tight matchup zone that Trojans showed earlier in the year. D hasn’t been great in the last 5 minutes of recent games.

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  1. The Pac-12 has surprisingly done better than the Big Ten, so far! Can anyone remember a time when the Big Ten didn’t just completely ruin everyone’s brackets? It’s been happening since I was a kid in the 1970’s!

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      1. The ruins know all about being bent over. By the Trojans. Jeez, owns, you make it so easy…as MG said, “why does owns go there”?

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      1. Let’s see what happens next weekend…if there is one for us. But yeah, not as bad a conference as some had tried to convince us.

        Btw, kansas getting beat at the half by Eastern Washington

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  2. Drake shoots the 3 quite well, though I do not know how stout have been the defenses they’ve faced over the season. They beat a ranked Loyola team once out of three at home. Their SG Yesufu scores reliably.

    If the fellas defend the perimeter well and D rebound, the Trojans win
    68 to 62.

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    1. Yep. Defend the perimeter. You see it…I see it…Andy HAS to see it.
      Could be a BIG day for USC if Andy has our guys ready to stop the 3’s and hit their free throws……

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  3. Rebounds, Offensive Rebounds, and Free Throws are the key.
    USC 71 Drake 68. USC again starts off slow, and in the second half starts to hit some shots.

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    1. Roger Federer on winning a grand slam: “Slams are weird. For me to win a lot of things have to fall into place. The right people need to lose. And the right people have to win. Then, of course, I have to do my part”

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