USC-Drake Live Blog

With 2:35 left, Drake has made 5-30 shots in the second half and 2-12 of its 3-pointers.

Drake has gone ice cold (2 for 23) and USC is comfortably ahead, 55-44.

Why is USC trailing on rebounds, 29-24?

Drake had 19 rebounds, USC had 15?

Trojans lead 40-37 at haltime. USC made just 3-9 free throws in the first half but leads 40-37. It can’t shoot free throws like that against a good team.

USC still having trouble making free throws (2-6) but Drake can’t handle Evan Mobley. It’s good to be more talented than the opponent. USC leads, 35-30.

USC making 67 percent of its shots but cannot stop Joseph Yesufu, who has 14 points. It’s 21-18, USC.

Evan Mobley with two big blocks on one possession and USC leads, 11-8 early.

OK, here we go.

USC starting lineup below:


22 thoughts on “USC-Drake Live Blog

  1. You gonna have someone guard that guy ENFAILED? How many 3s before you make an adjustment? Oh wait, you never adjust to anything.


    1. Both of these teams stink. It’s a shame one of them has to move onto the next round.

      Eva Mobley might end up having a decent WNBA career if she can put away few ham sandwiches.

      Shanquan is about to give Eva Mobley what for.

      Final will be Drake by at least 11 pts.


  2. PLEASE RECRUIT A POINT GUARD….EVERY TIME USC plays a team with a point guard he destroys USC single handed.

    Ethan Anderson is too slow to play point guard.

    PLEASE RECRUIT A POINT GUARD. You cannot win big time in college basketbal without a POINT GUARD.

    USC will go no where without a point guard.

    FINAL SCORE: DRAKE 78 USC 64. USC cannot guard their point guard. Maybe next year.

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  3. Ethan Anderson is too slow to play point point guard. He looks like Fats Domino trying to guard Speedy Gonzales. Please recruit a point guard.

    USC must slow down the point guard who is controlling this game with his quickly. Slow down the tempo of the game is the only way we win this game.


  4. Hard to make adjustments if one point guard is driving the car at 105mph, and ours tries to slow it down chasing the car at 40mph at best. It’s talent we just don’t have it at the point guard position, and that’s why each team with a quick/fast point guard beats us. Not only is the small point guard for Drake shooting well from the outside he is also blowing right by all our defenders inside the paint for the dish off to his teammates.

    Free throws again…are terrible. For USC to win they are going to have to shoot 50% to have a chance in the 2nd half to keep pace.

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  5. Eva Mobley getting outrebounded by a 6 ft nothing German national…Sturtz grabbing every offensive/defensive rebound in sight.


    And Enfield is forced to take Eva Mobley out of the game to keep him from further embarrassment.




    1. TebonerOblama, I spoke to doctor fellow person about your frequent side aches and he might be on to something. (Prodably Oxytocin) He said when a person becomes obese during a pandemic due to a lack of sexual activity, rolls of fat accumulate in the sides above the belt.
      Moderate laughing causes the fat to rub on the beltline. The result is sides hurting. His suggestions is trying to stand up when laughing, or loosen your belt. Another trick which has proven to be effective, stand on your head allowing the fat to drift downwards away from your sides.

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  6. Length is something you just can’t coach or do anything about. It creates mismatches everywhere. Drake could only do two things, take a contested three or take an even more contested shot inside the arc. They weren’t ice cold, they were overmatched and outsized.

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  7. Luckily Drake and that point guard ran out of gas. Nice win but this team will have to play much better to beat Kansas. It will be the 3 million coach at SC vs the 7 million dollar a year coach Bill Self at Kansas who runs a very suspicious program. Can USC play their best game of the season to make it to the Sweet 16?

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    1. That’s exactly what it will take: the best USC game of the year. From start to finish…..

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