Discuss The USC-Drake Game

If you knew USC would make 8-15 free throws, you might say what else is new?

If you were told Drake would outrebound USC, 39-35, you might get nervous.

But Drake was 7-37 from the field in the second half and USC was able to comfortably win its first-round game. Evan Mobley had 17 points and 11 rebounds; Isaiah Mobley 15 points and Drew Peterson 14 for USC.

USC will play Kansas on Monday. I’ll post the time/channel later today.

The Pac-12 is currently undefeated and Oregon is advancing after VCU game was declared a no-contest because of COVID-19 protocols.

35 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-Drake Game

  1. Great hustle and defensive play by the Trojans.
    Hit a few key 3’s esp in second half.

    Shot F/T as expected (deplorably).
    Had trouble breaking the full court press. Ugh.
    Nice Trojan victory with a really tough seed.
    Oregon seemed to slip by as a 7 seed.

    If Bill Self has a plan (of course he does) to neutralize the big guys inside,
    Monday will be a tough game.

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  2. Seems like SUCC lucked out – Drake bricks a 7-37 shot, second half. It’s a standard Andyain’twinning, cupcake win.


    1. Ho hum, another victory. Time to worry about the next round and not go all bananas like, say, a UCLA fan beating a weak MSU team. You would think they had won the national championship. We have passed the JO standard—just don’t go one and done (JO just keeps on giving) . Although it is nice to see JO coming to grips with new reality. The once great UCLA basketball program is now a shadow of former itself. A mere speck in the basketball universe. The Norma Desmond of college basketball.

      Rumor has it that next year, USC will put its women’s team against UCLA’s men’s team out of pity. However, the women’s team complained about the lack of competition.

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      1. LoL old stogie.

        In eight years, Ain’twinning has won exactly two (2) big boy Tournament games. Hark, Andyain’twinning is a bozo Clown.

        stogie, if you were mature female breast, you’d be two bb’s on a bread board.


  3. Only in the upside down world of owns is a 16 point win “luck”. Drake’s poor shooting couldn’t have anything to do with USC’s defense, could it?

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    1. Ha! [Official Bruin Position: Defense had nothing to do with today’s victory. Further, USC had nothing to do with it]…

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      1. MG, did SUCC block the 30 whiffed 2nd half Drake shots? I don’t think so.

        Drake went cold, colder than Doc Tyndall’s heart.

        The second half of the game was a SUCC cupcake, walkover, game. SUCC would have probably won the game in wheelchairs.


      2. It is not as if we spend time here talking about UCLA’s monster gynecologist James Heap and ucla’s $73 million settlement of those lawsuits.

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      3. Pay no mind to BruinRob. After the 50-0 beat down the ucla took from USC, he claimed that the bruins were right in it until the very end when a couple of horrendous officiating calls cost them the game.

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      4. Hustling on the switch, working through attempted picks, denying (the only hot shooter) passing lanes, contesting 3’s, and using incredible leaping ability and arm length to alter shots in the paint….

        ….can make a hot shooting team go cold. Drake had 5 or 6 strong perimeter shooters all season, and only Yesufu had any success at all.

        A strong D performance for sure. Proud of these fellas. Workman-like victory. No OTT celebration afterwards. Shower up, enjoy dinner, prep for Monday.

        This KU team has been tested repeatedly all season. The Big12-2 is probably the best MBB conference this year (and possibly year after year). A great test for this fine Trojan squad.

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      5. It wasn’t a “couple” of calls —it was that last questionable holding call that cost UCLA the game…

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    2. You say it’s a SUCC’s defensive win; I say it’s a SUCC cupcake win.

      SUCC didn’t block 30, 2nd half Drake shots.


      1. This cupcake scored 50+ pts, a feat that the ruins couldn’t manage in our first meeting. Talk about cupcakes… hahahahaha 💋

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      2. They didn’t have to. Mobley changed the trajectory of everything inside. Andy is winning made some good halftime adjustments. But keep going with the “lucky” 16 point victory. Makes about as much sense as Tebow Tin Foil Hat and his NASA conspiracies.

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      3. My friend Owns is having to stretch a bit to find fault with this victory…..

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  4. UCLA plays tonight, so you Clownster’s can take your whiny shots after that game.

    SUCC vs Kansas on Monday – can’t wait.


    1. Like a drowning man, JO, flails away. Still dreaming of his glory Sam Gilbert and Jerry Norman years nearly half a century ago. Now they do not even own their own arena…USC has taken that over. The utter shame of it as UCLA wallows in its mediocrity. Yes, Owns, I bet you do look forward to the USC vs. Kansas game. UCLA certainly cannot win the fight by itself, so it has to call in big brother. Leave to a UCLA fan to have to rely on a proxy. JO you just keep on giving.


      1. UCLA beat BYU! Wow, JO! Time for the ticker-tape parade!
        Next banner to be raised in Pauley (you still owe us back rent) will be “Round of 32, March 2021”. The fact that you play that up as some sort of achievement once again shows how far the mighty Sam Gilbert Bruins have fallen. A distant memory.


  5. No one is talking about the talent that is Isiah Mobley, the way he played today as I’ve mentioned all along Usc is unbeatable period. Tahj dishes were excellent for 10 assists and only 1 turnover.. Okay the real truth is about to unfold on Monday- bottom line is that until Monday all of the trash comments made are meaningless. I’m hoping that today’ Performance is an indication of how truly talented USC is & the criticism of Enfield can be delayed by at least 5 days & hopefully longer.

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    1. Isiah was great. He was too strong for any of their defenders to handle on their own, and USC did a good job clearing out for him on those inside touches he had.

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      1. In spite of all the cheap shots today, if UCLA can keep it up and take this game I’ll be happy for the bruins…..

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  6. #11 UCLA 73 – #6 BYU 62

    Have at it Clownsters.

    BTW, this is the second tournament win for Cronin in just 2 years at UCLA. His first year UCLA tournament action was canceled.

    On the other hand, it has taken Andyain’twinning 8 years to achieve two tournament wins. I’d call that a SUCC $3.5 million misunderstanding.


    1. General question (since I can’t find a current NCAA bracket chart): When, theoretically speaking, could USC and UCLA meet again? What has to happen for that to take place? Is Walton correct that we could wind up with 5 (or 6 or 9) teams in the Final Four?


      1. MG, SUCC is seeded the west region and UCLA in the east.

        They could only meet again in the Final Four semi-final game; it’s not impossible, but far fetched.

        We all know SUCC won’t make it pass Kansas on Monday.


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