Sunday Buzz: USC Favored Over Kansas

USC is a 1.5-point favorite over Kansas according to BetOnline.

If you bought tickets to the USC games in Indianapolis through the USC ticket office, you got one of the T-shirts above. It looks like goal posts on each side of the USC to me. And it wouldn’t have surprised me if that’s what they were.

After the USC-Drake game, Mike Bohn thanked the small group of Trojan fans in attendance for coming during COVID-19.

47 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: USC Favored Over Kansas

  1. Looks like they tried to make it look like the end of the seeding bracket… but you be you. Yesterday you extoll the virtues of handing out two tickets by our crosstown rivals and today you SC for giving out t-shirts.

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    1. Pisley you stupid sh*t, the Bruins weren’t invited to the tournament.

      Both Mich. St. and UCLA were first four invited to win their way into the tournament. UCLA gambled their chance of a fifth straight loss to make the tournament. That took balls; UCLA’s gamble paid off. I have no problem with being wrong.

      #11 UCLA beat Mich. St. and then knocked off the #6 Seed BYU. So it took Cronin just 2 years to win 2 tournament games with UCLA BB program, that took Andyain’twinning 8 years to accomplish with SUCC’s crummy BB program.

      #6 SUCC defeats a #11 cupcake seed that shot 7 – 37 in the second half by 16 points. Big f**king deal AH.


      1. ….and the Fighting Cronin’s would have preferred to take on a battle-tested Tejas Longhorns instead of the Mighty Abilene Christian bunch?

        The Bruins are playing well and I’m happy for ’em.
        Set up for a sweet 16 game next weekend. Enjoy.

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      2. You’re a simpleton dolt, there’s just no denying it. You say they weren’t invited to the tourney but rather had to play their way in, and then in the next breath you claim a tourney win for the playin game…. have your cake and eat it too, eh?

        Btw, didn’t I mention that the sow would do better than even you gave them credit for. But you’re so full of piss and vinegar, you don’t read half of what’s posted.

        Again with the third grade insults… smoov moov boi

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      3. JO just keeps on giving. A truly sad defense of the once might UCLA basketball program. Can anyone remember a time when a UCLA fan had to hold up of a victory over a 15-12 team as some sort of accomplishment. And this was just to get into the round of 64 since not good enough to be included to begin with. And then a victory over the BYU basketball powerhouse. Is this what UCLA basketball has to come to? And the fact remains that USC still owns you, owns LA, owns Pauley. JO reminds me of Marley’s ghost, wearing the chains of UCLA fandom. doomed to wander the earth looking for some, really any, UCLA accomplishment. Any victory will do.

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      4. Bourbon –Owns is doing the best he can to represent the ‘loyal opposition’— ya gotta admit the bruins don’t have much material to work with anymore….

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    2. Yeah, I think I had to diss JO for his short-sightedness. Easy to understand his invective, Pudly, given that CRUSHING last-second loss to the cross-town rival on a fall-away 3 pointer by Taj Eady.

      I, too, must eat my words, as I penned a fairly surly epitaph for Pac 12 sports a few weeks ago. Maybe having the pendulous dead weight of one Larry Scott off the books may be enough to rally the Conference?

      Nevertheless, despite a nice Pac 12 showing in men’s hoops this WEEKEND, I have a fairly sanguine outlook for the Conference in 2021 and onward.

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  2. Big of fan of the Loyola Chicago basketball team. The play fundamental basketball especially the pick and roll. They just dominated the Fightin Illini who had far superior talent. If Enfield leaves USC should hire that coach immediately he has built an outstanding program at that school, and develops talent. No street ball pure basketball based on fundamentals, game preparation, and hitting your free throw.

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      The Bruins bitch slap the bozos 7-6 and win the WP NC in Clown U’s dirty pool.

      #”FactsMatter” ~ Dear Pisley

      Pisley will now take another short vacation in the vicinity of Lancaster, CA.

      BTW Pisley, don’t forget to take your POS wingman old stogie with you.


  3. Hey Blogger,

    Since it’s USC-Kansas on Monday night, how about a recap/look back to the only football meeting between the two schools, way back in 1983.



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    1. If I recall correctly that 26-20 win was 1 of the roughly 2 wins Kansas racked up in 1983. [Naturally Oklahoma and Nebraska steamrolled the shit outta them]….

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    2. I think KU QB Mike Bohn was a backup to Frank Seuer–the highly recruited QB from Edison High (whom we did not recruit) who shredded the #10 Trojans that day. Kerwin Bell–also a highly recruited So Cal RB whom we did not recruit–played well against us.

      Here may be why Frank Seuer, Jr had the game of his life in the LA Coliseum on September 24, 1983:

      From the UPI:
      LOS ANGELES — Last month, Frank Seurer Sr. was stabbed to death in his restaurant in Lawrence, Kansas, and a young football player lost his biggest fan.

      What Frank Sr. missed Saturday was the biggest day in the career of Frank Jr. as the Kansas quarterback riddled the Southern Cal defense for 385 yards in powering the Jayhawks to a 26-20 upset victory.


      1. Excellent Bourbon4me. Nice find.

        I wonder how our beloved blogger would have written up the game. Angry? Snarky?



  4. My dear friend PUDLY- You’re an awesome contributor on this blog- I always look forward to seeing the Royal court. Mr. Guarino, yourself & 67. You three have enhanced this blog and make it throughly enjoyable for me and others. I’m reminded of the times I took my girl out for a picnic lunch and how much she loved it however there were times when we encountered ants now I am certain that we can refer to them as (Owns, Tebow Obamas) Instead of being proud of the record that PAC-12 basketball has in the tournament we have the ants being the pain in the neck. What kind of Moron does it take to want to post on this blog for the rival. It seems Mike Garrett was correct in his assessment “” They all wish to be Trojans “. I’m no longer interested in seeing and/or noticing the ants- maybe if we don’t indulge in the futile attempt to correct their own stupidity then we may finally rid of ourselves that problem.

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    1. Bobby, owns is like the lightning in the night sky, booming thunder rolling in, it scares many children. Then as you age and gain experience, you learn while it might hurt if hit by it, chances of it hitting the mark are infinitesimal and therefore harmless.

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      1. Being how we’ve had three storms this month on Maui, I like the part about lightening not hitting the mark most of the time……

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      2. Christ!, what a dumb, pinhead sh*t you are Pisley. If only 0.001 of the BS you puke on this blog was true, it would be an major improvement.

        “The First Four is the official start to March Madness: four games traditionally played on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of the NCAA tournament.

        Things will be different in 2021 because of the pandemic. The NCAA announced Jan. 19 that all First Four games will be played on Thursday, March 18. The first round will begin the next day.”

        #”Facts Matter” ~ Dear Pisley


      3. Let’s use your “owns words” to see what I was referring to..

        Owns words “ Both Mich. St. and UCLA were first four invited to win their way into the tournament…”

        So “win their way in” is the same as being in now? Tell the truth, you’re mom dropped you a lot as a baby, didn’t she? Probably kicked you while you were down for good measure, which is why you keep coming back here to be pantsed and chuckled at…

        Hahahahaha 💋


    2. Sir Bobby The Honorable,
      In the Chretian De Troyes and Sir Thomas Malory stories there is always ONE knight in the Royal Court who is evil (and probably off his rocker)…….

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      1. Ha! [All I remember is —whatever kind of hat it is —Lancelot winds up cutting through it when he slices the head inside of it into two equal parts]…….

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      1. Whatever else you say about Tebow — the guy is sharp as a tack. He knows there can only be one conceivable reason for not appreciating Mr. Wonderful, Joe Biden: being a “JERK conservative asshole”……
        #…AndCalledThemAll”BastardPeopleWithAssFaces” ?


    3. Bobby, I suspect you are right to suggest we should ignore them. But I doubt if they will go away. Their objective is not to engage in friendly banter or even the civil give-and-take between fans of opposing sides (and, yes, sometimes of the teasing and needling sort), but to try “sabotage” friendly exchanges between USC fans or even for those USC fans who just like to read the comments or information. This shows a small mindedness on their part. I have in fact stopped responding to one of the morons as he has gone off the deep end with his conspiracies or just plain weird postings. But JO just keeps tossing up one inanity after that another that are so hard to resist, plus he makes little effort to show the most rudimentary civility, so it is not surprising people will hit back back in kind. However, perhaps you are correct in another way–it is not nice to pick on the village idiot.


    4. Remind us bobby, where the f**k is Emperor Mikey these days? Last I heard he was fired as the Cal State LA, AD for inappropriate behavior with females. Ex-Toejamers like Mikey never get any.

      BTW bobby, the Emperor’s quip “They all wish to Trojans” only applies to cockroaches that infest the Clown U campus.


      1. Thanks for proving my point, JO. You just keep on giving. My apologies to all village idiots for comparing you to JO.

        –LOS ANGELES — The prestigious University of California system has reached a proposed $73 million settlement with seven women who accused a former gynecologist of sexual abuse. As part of the class-action lawsuit, more than 6,600 patients of could receive part of the settlement — even if they have not accused the former University of California, Los Angeles, gynecologist of abuse.

        –a part-time professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)—was convicted on 18 federal charges last week, linked to a plot to illegally obtain microchips from an American company and export them to China, where they could be used in a range of military systems including missiles and fighter jets.

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      2. Not that big of a deal, Smoky. Those chips could only be used to jam the computers in F-22’s —killing American pilots….


  5. Despite a slow news day, Pudly, Bobby, Bourbon, Michael, Smoky, Marvienna, Tommyd, and in his “unique”, “the gift that keeps on giving”, way, owns, have made this a solid effort today. Thx, fellas!

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      1. How about a “be nice to owns” day after we beat ucla in the elite 8. Wilson might be back for Jayhawks. They also run a lot of 3 guard set, and as far as I can tell from average minutes per game, sometimes a 4 guard set. But their 2 front court guys are big, 6’8″ 225 and 6’10” 250. Fingers crossed for the same kind of D Trojans played in second half yesterday.

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      2. 67,
        Yes, a Special Day for our Special Boy, Sir Owns! [Normal “Nice”, yes. But not Tebow “Nice” —-there are limits]…..

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  6. If we can possibly win on Monday against Kansas I like our chances vs. Oregon or Iowa. I think Oregon will beat Iowa.
    A final 8 match up with Gonzaga would be incredible as I think at some point Gonzaga will stumble as they usually do before making it to the Final 4.
    The Colorado -Florida State will also be interesting to watch

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